Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • " o c 1\ 1 r us to the Reader. Nimirumin(arms paucisvideatur,eo quod Maxi"'" pars hominum morbo ja&1at11reodem. Whenallaremad, where all are like opprdt, Who caGdifcerne onemadman from the reft ~ 4' But put cafe they doe perceive it, and fome one be manifeftly convict of madnes, 'he now takes notice ofhis folly, be it in aetion,ge!lure,fpeech, c ~oniam a vai~ humor he hath in building, braP.ging, _ja~gliag, fpending,gaming, =~~~1/J:7,7,1,. courtmg, fcnblmg, praung, for wfuch he IS ndJCulous to others, d on qua me infomro which he dotes, hedothacknowledgeas much: yet with all ~he Rheto-~"I~!tumme nck thou haft, thou canH not fo recall h1m, but to the comrane nGtwtth-J.reor, ticeat fianding, he will perfevere in his dotage. 'Tisamabilis in(ania,& mentis conceJere .... grati(stmus error, fo plealing, fo delicious,that he' cannot leave ir. Hee :~:~~~""'· knows his error, but will not feek to decline it, tell him what the event Ho,. will be,beggerie, forrow,lickne!fe, difgrace, lhame,loffe, madne!fe, yet 'OJi '" P•F fan angry man willpreftrrevengeance, a lafoiviotH his tvbore,a theefi his f:;~,';!~':::J booty,"glt<tton his belly before his we!fore. TelanEpicure,a covetous man, oJi. OviJ. an ambitious man, of hi~ irregular courfe, weine him from it a little, pot ~;:;~f;:: .. mt occtdijfu amrct,hecnesanon,you have lt'ndone h1m.,and as ga doggc to infanimm. his vomit,he returns to it again: no perfwafionwill take place, no coun- f Amatorfcorfell,fay what thou canfr; ';,~,",;~.:£;;;. Clames lie et & mare cado vindtflam,fur -Confondas,fiwdo n.trr.u,demonftrate as rly!fes did to hEt-f;;:;7·P•'•fi: penor and Gryllm, and the reil: ofhis companions tho(ejivzni)b mm,hee is bitio(•:;:;,~:r. irrefragable inhis humor, he will be a hog frill; bray him in amorter, he ••4'"'/P"· will be the fame: Ifhe be in an herefie,or fome perverfe opinion, fetled as 1::·~':~:,,. fome of our ignorant Papifrs are, convince his uoderftanding, !hew him fim,.. CafJau. the feverall follies; and abfurd fopperks of that feet, force him to fay ,!·~:~~··{jveris vincor, make it as clear as the fun,' he will erre frill, peevifh and ob. t Ptur;,.,;,_''· Hinate as he is; and as he faid, kji in hoc erro,libenter erro,nec hunc errorem Gryuo. foi/Ji Attfirri mihi volo; I wil do as I have done;as-my predece!fors have done, ~,;::.~t:.vo. 1 and as my friends nowdoe: I will dotefor company:Say now,are thefe i Nonp;rf-. men m mad or no, n H eus age rejjonde? are they ridiculous~ cedo que~vis Jcbu, ettamfi arbitmm, are they (an.- mentis, fober,wife,and difcreet~ have they com-{'f.":f'"· mon fenfe ~ -· - 0 uter eft infanior homm! IMaJ~ cumil/4 I am ofDemocritus opin!on for my part,! hold themworrhy to belaugh- :r,;~;;:~q:;;:: ed at; acompany of bram-fick <lizards, as mad as P oreftes and Atham& ,ftntlre. thatthta may go ride the a!Je, -&allfailalone-totheAnticyr" in rhejbit> m~i i•ter ,r~; 1 h I d ~ . h ' l hDtenut,un- 6;;~01 orcompan)l toget er. nee enot muc labourtoprovethiStur,nmmagu wh1_ch I fay otherwtfethen thus,makeany f0lemnproteftarion,orfw'ear, fi'P:"P!ffo"'· I thtnke rou Will_ beleeve me without an oa:h i fay at aword; are they 1:.'j~::: :~:,~: fooles ~ referre 1t to you, though you behkewife fools andmadmen Petron. your felves, and I as mad to aske the quefiion; for what faid our comi- n P"fi"'· calJMercurie~ oHor.z.jir. • . . . . . , p Ptfanum exq Jujlum ab lnJ*flu peteremfiptentta eft. "li'""' putri, Ileftand toyourcenfure yet,whatrhinkyou ~ ~;:_J>ufu<pts• ~~t for as much as I undertook at firft,that Kiogdomes,Provinces,Fa- q Plaut/IS. lnlhes, weremelancholy a$ well as private men, I will examin them in F particular,'