Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • M o c a I ~us to the Reader. parricular,and that which I have hitherto dilated at random, inmoregeneral! termes,I will particularly infifi in, provewith more fpecial! and er. vident arguments, tefiimonies, illufirations, and that in brief. >Hor.l-':;"·' 'Nuncaccipe qr~are deftpiantomnes_.eque AC tfl. superham My firfi argument is borrowed from S olom~n,an arrowdrawn out ofhis flultiriam Pti- fentenuous qutver, Pro.3 -7 .Benotwifemthtne own e;es. And 26-I 2.Seejt ~;ift~::~;:Oi thur~a mamvife in hu ow_neconceit, more hope i; of aJoole then oj him. lfay fimetJixi,fi- pronounceth a woe agamfi fuch men. cap. 5. 21 .that are wife m thcsr ownc fi •um rarumq, eyes,andprudent in their ownfight. For hencewe may gather, that itis a ''· great offence, and menaremuchdeceived that thinke too well of them- - _ fdves,an efpeciall argument to convince them offolly.Many men(faith ~.':;/::f:~~~~; b Seneca) had beene without queftron wifo, had they not had an opinijuiJ!enr,fi ft on that they had Attainedto perji:tltonoj knarvledge alreadie, even before j" puraff~nt they hadgone halfway, too forward,too ripe, pr.eproperi, too quick and ju£'%~:~~r~ read~e, c et~~ prudentes, cit~ 1 ti, cit& mariti ,titO patres, ci~'o facer dotes, citO -wniffi. omnu oJ!ietz capaces & ctlrtoji,they had too good aconceit of themfdves, <Idem. and that marred all; oftheir worth,valour,skill,arr,learning,judgment, eloquence,their good parts; all their geefe are fwans,and that manifefily proves them to be no better then fools. In formertimes they had but feven wifemen,now you can fcarce find fo many fools.Thales fent thegolden Tripos,which the Fifhermen found,and the oracle commanded to be "Plutarch"' "given tothcrvi(efl,to BitM, BiM to Solon,&c. If fuch a thing were now [~;;;;1~!.'"' found,we fhould all fight for it, as the three goddelfes didforthegoldeo apple,we are fo wife: we have women- politicians, children-metaphyfitians; every filly fellow can fquare a cirde,make perpetual! motions, find the philofophers Hone, interpret Apocalypjis ,make new Theoricks, new dram pr4ftn- Logick, new Philofophi.e,&c.N oftra tttiqree regio,faith d retronim, our :::;:.!;~:::', 1, countrey i> fo jiell ofderfed jpirits,_divinefortis, thatyoumay fooner f~de a f••iliu•p•ftiJ God, then a man amongfltH, we thmk fo well of our felves;and that IS an 7>eum quam ample teftimony of much folly. !;;:_nemmve- My fecond argument is_grounded upon the like place of Scripture, • Putohrumhu which though beforementioned melfed,yet for fome reafonsis to be re. "'"''non peat<;_~ (&by Plato'sgoodleave,Imaydoit,e ;;, .a '"'""a' po>'liv '"''fold""") "'"'· Fools (faithD4vtd) by reafonofthezr tranfkrefstons, &c. Pfa. zo7.17· Hence MttfmlU5 infers,all tranfgreffoFs muft needs be fooles.So we re_ad Rom-2- Tribulationand angffijhon the foul ofevery man that doth evtU; fMalefaClors. butalldoe evill.And I fay 6) .14-My fervants fha 't jingforjoy,& 1yefhaU cry for forrow of heart,andvexatiiinoj'mind. 'Tis ratified by the common confent of all philofophers. Drfhonejly (faith C ardan) i; nothing et(< bret Who can folly andmadncffe.gprobm q~~ nobi[Cumvivit ? Shewme an honefi man. tnd, faithful! Nemo malU5 qui non ftrdt~«, ttsF abtm aphonfme to the fame end.If none man'Pruo.6 honefi nonewife,thenallfools. And well may theybcfo accounted: k;/~;::;.,.forwhowillaccompthimotherwife, J!.!!,i iter adornat ~n occidentem, ·~· ft'!'P'"': quum properaret in orientem, that goe~ back~ard all his hfe, weltward, nu,qu• Jelap>- when he is bound to the eafi or hold htm awife man (fatth h Mufculus) ~thmab(tn- 7 - h d h' .11 d - tis bona,mox in that prefers momentanfpltlljHTtS to etermty ,t at {}en s M map-ers.goo. stn i'" vorandtu hu abfence ,forthwith to "be comlemnedfor it?NequtcquamJitptt 1'" jib• nm <~''"'"'"""""·(a pit, whowil fay that a tkk man is wife,that eats & drinks to ovenhrow the