Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D £ M o c 1\ 1 ·r us to the Reader. many difcontents,common grievances,complaims,povertie,barbarifm, beggery,plagues,warres,rebellions,fe.ditions,mucinies,comentions,idlenelle,riot,epicurifme, the land lye unnlled,wafie,full of bogges, fennes, defarrs, &c. cities decayed, bafe and poor~ townes, Villages depopulated,the people fqualid,ougly ,UOCIVIII;that kmgdome,that country, mull: needs be difcontent, melancholy, haeh a lick bod1e, and had need w bee reformed. Now chat cannot well be effected, till the caufes of thefe maladies be firH removed, which comonly proceed from their own default,or fome a·ccidentall inconvenience: as to be fire in abad clime, too farre Norch, Heril, in abarren place, as thedefart of Lybia, defarts of Arabia, places void of waters, as thofe,of Lop and Belgian in Afta, or in a bad ayre,asat .Aiexandretta,Bantam,Pifa,Dwazzo,&c. or indangerofthefeasconnnual inundations,as in many place$ ofthe Low-counrries,and elfewhere, or neere fome bad neighbours,as Hungarians to T11rks ,Podolians to Tartars,or aimoH any bordering Councries,they live in fear Hill,and by reafon ofhofiile incurfions are oftencimes left defolace. So areCities by rea47 fon' ofwarres ,fires,plagues,inundations, b wilde beaHs,decay oftrades, , Mantuavce barred havens,the leas violence,as Antwerpe may wicneffeof late, Syra- mi(er< niminm mfe of old, Bmndt'.ftttm in Italy, Rhye and Dover with us, and many that ;::,ma Crtmoat this day fufpect the [cas furie and rage, and labour againH it as the Ve- b Interdum d netians to their indlimable charge. But themol! frequent maladies areferis,utolim fttch as proceed from themfelves; as firH when religion and Gods fervice ~":,"'""''' is neglected, innovated or altered, where they doe not fear God, obey their prince, where Atheifme,Epicurifme,Sacriledge,Simony,&c. And all fuch impietics are freely committed, that coumrie cannot profper. When Abraham came to Gerar, and faw abad land, he faid,fure the fear cVtliciir Rifof God was not in that place. c CyprianEchovius a Spanifb Chorogra-Pani~ Anno pher, above all other Cities of Spaine commends B arcino, inwhich there~~~.:· Nemo WM no begger,nomanpoor,(;&.butaU rich andingood eft ate, andhegiws paupe;, :;~~ .. the reA[on,becarifi: they werem~re reli!{iottS the'.' their n~ig_kbours:why was ':J:;{~"(::,~·· lfrael fo often fp01led by thmenemtes, led !~to capuvme, &c. but for p;{(..fl;f•• thmIdolatne,neglect ofGods word,for facnledge,even for on~ .Achans ~iveb.,.r, (umfau!t ~ And what lhall wee expect that have fuch multitudes of .Achans, ':'.~::,'" ;;';'t: church-robbers,fimomacal Patrons,&c. how can they hopetollourilh, m'redi~i•o that neglect divine duties,that live moft part like Epicures~ cutt•i, focrifb Othercommongrievancesaregenerally noxious to a body politick; ~':.7.'"'""'bealterauon.of laws and cultomes, breaking priviledges,generall oppreffi- d Polir.l. i ·'·.l· ons, fedmons,&c. obferved by d AriftotJe?Bodine,Boterus,Jrmius,.t!rnif ;;:;~;.':':!:~'· ct<S,&c. I will on!}' pomt at fome ofthe cluefell. c Impotenttagubernandi, nempe princeps ataxta~confufion,I!I government,which proceeds from unskilfull,floch- rerumgeren44full,gnpmg,covetous or tyrannizing magifirates, when they are fooles fi"' !'",}."""'· idiots, children, proud, wilfull, parciall, undifcreet, oppreffors, gidd/ (.'f;:;~~;:;~· heads,tyrants,not able or unfit tomanage fuch offices:finany noble cities •mmemor,aue and flourilhing kingdomes by that means are defolate, thewhole body{•;:;:, '~get grones under fuch heads,& all the members muH needs bemifaffeded ~s refPubtica cuatthis day thofegoodlyprovincesin .AjiaMinor &c groneunder;hejwe<putinfr· burden of a Turkifb government,and thofevaftki~do~eiof Mtt{covia, r;:;;::.~.~bu· Rttfsia,