Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • M o c R 1 Tu s to the Reader. proves it out of Artftotle,vulgw dividzinoppojitumcowtrafapientes,quod vu/go vitkt11r verum, folfum eft; that which the commonalty accounts true, is moll: part falfc, they arc frill oppolite to wife men, but all the world is of this hnmour (vulgus) and thou thy felf art de vulgo, one of the Commonaltie; and he, and he, and fo are all the rdl; and therefore, as Phocion concludes, to be approved in nought you fay ordoe, meere idiots and affes: begin then where you will, goe backward or :forward, choofeout ofthe whole pack,wink and choofe,you !hall find them .tll alike, neverabarre/1 betterherring. . · Copernictu, Atl.uhis[ucceffor, is of opinion, the eanh is a planet, movesandihinestoothcrs,as theMoondothto us.Diggu, Gilbert,Kepleru;, Origanm, andothers,defendthis hypothejis ot hisinfoberfadneffe, and that the Moone is inhabited; if it be fo, that the Earth is a Moone, then are wealfogiddy, verrigenousandlunaticke within this fublunarie Maze. I could produce fuch arguments till dark night:Ifyou ihould hear the rell:, Ante diem clat~{o e~mpontl vejper olympo: bur according to my promife, I willdefcend to pmiculars.This melancholy extends it [elf not tomen only, but even ro vegetals and fenlit>les. Ifpeak notofthofc creatures which are Saturnine, melancholy by nature,as Lead,and fuch likeMinerals,orthofe Plancs,Rue, Cypreffe,&c, • Z>e occulr. and Hellebor it felf, of which' Agrippa treats, Fiihes,Birds,and Beall:s, ;:•:•.r:J·~.>· _ Hares,Conies,Dormice,&c. Owles, Batts, Nightbirds, but chatarti· Jufil:t.Li;.~·o~ ficiall, which is pereeived in them all.Removea plane, ir will pineaway, '"!+ which isefpecially perceivedinDate-trees,as youmayreadat brgein Conftantines husbandrie, that ancipathie betwixt the Vineand the Cabbage, Vine and Oyle. Pucabird inacage,hewill dye forfullenneffe,ora beall:in~pen, orcakehis young ones or companions fromhim,and fee what effeCt itwill caufe.Bucwhoperceives not thefecommonpaffions of fenlible creatures, fear, forrow,&c.Ofall other,dogges are moJlfubb see Lipp.. jeCi co·this maladie, in fo much that fome hold they dreame as mendoe, ·?!/:; poliria il- and _rhrough violence of mela~choly, runne mad~ I could relatemany l•Jirium lib.'· ftones of dogges, that have dtedfor gnef, and pmed away forloffe of ••P·•· "' mh11- their Mall:ers,but they are common in everie b Authour. ;~":;.~';;':;:./_ Kingdomes, Provinc~s, and politick bodies are likewife fenlible and dunr murario- fubjeCi to this difeafe, as ' B oterus il'l his politicks hath proved at :;;:;~~J;:;;'"large •.Asinhumane bodies (faith he)thert be dtvers alterations proceeding re publico, &c.from humors ,fo there bemany difeafes in acommon-wealth, which do 111 did hUbfi"f' verjly happenftom [evera 1 t di.ftempm ,as you may ealily perceiveby their ~~;.~P ""'"'' particular fymptomes.Forwhere you !hall fee the peoplecivil,obedienc c Lib.demu~. to God and Princes, judicious, peaceable and quier,rich,fortunare, d and !~;Jr.;;~~·(,_ flouriih, to live in peace,in un!tie andconcord,a Country well tille?,ma. tm publicafu. ny fair built and populous Cnics,ubt m col" mtent, as old' Catofa1d,the f"ma ''.x •fio. people are neat,polite and terfe,ttbi bene ,beateque vi'fluvt, which our Po- !:~:, ~;;;7 liticians make the chief end of a Common-wealth; and w~ich 1 Arifto· &~ati,Jidrota tie Foltt. lzb.3.cap.q. cals Commune bonum, That Countrey lS free frolll ~~::';q::a:,:-_, melancholy;As it was. in Italy in rhetimeof Augu.fttu,now in cbin•,now rcpubt,.a. inmany other flounfiung kjngdomes of :Europe.But whereas you lhal fee many