Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • M o c R r Tu s to the Reader. 49 pot. 5 .cap.S.) crfcimtia, wife only by inheritance, and in authority by n~per~ birth-right, favour, or for their wealth and titles; there mull needs be a ;;;:!/:.'"" · fault,"a great defeCt: becaufe as an ° old Plulofopher affirmes, fuch men o Apul.P:im. are not alwayes fir. ofan tnjivtte number:, few alone are SerJAtours, andof Flrn. ~~ tmnt:.. thofc few, fewer good,andofthat (mall number ofhonejf goodand noble mm;::;;;·;~:;,.. few thatarc/earned, wife,difcrut and(ufficient, able to difcharge fUch pia- m£'?"'"'· m, it mull: needs turne to the confufim~ ofaState. . . :~~f;;;;;:;;{!- Foras the'Princesare, foareth~people; ~lti Rex, talti grex:and born, e bonu which b Antigonus right well [aid of old, qt~i Macedoni«regem emdit, adb"'f""'' ..mnes ctiamjitbditos erudit, he thatteacheth the King of Mitee!~;t, t~ach- ~'"/,~~ftlu"' cth all his fubjeets, is atrue faying frill. ' .: -vitia ""'ipi~ For Princes are theglA[fe, thefchoole, thebooke, ;;:,J,ft,::,:•- Where (ttbjeffs eyes doe learne,doe reade ,doe looke. ' injundum ;,. --·-Velocisu etcititMnos c:iviratem~ Cwrr1mpttnt vitiorumexempla dfJmejfica, magn~ , ;~:f!:P::;:~ra Cumfobeant animos attthoribm-----thetr examples are nocent. Cic.x. foonefi followed,vices entertained.Iftheybe prophane,irreligious.lafcic ~·i;l':ft~ z vious,riotous,Epicures, faCtious, covetous, ambitious, illiterate,fo wtllfuve~. :ar.• ~·· the commons moll: part be, idleunrhrifts, prone to lull:, drunkards, and Paupm"'fi~ therfore poore and needy ( .~ ·w~,.: .. <;".:H,u f.,.J.!7r(1tsi JtaJ x.a.~pylcwJor poverty begets ~t;:;e~fitgntt [edition and villany) uponalloccafions readycomutineandrebell, dif- .Arift~:,.';~,~;, content fiill, comp_laini~g, murmuring, grudging, apt ~o all omrages, ;~~:~~:::,;, thefts,treafons,mmders,mnovanons,mdebt!cofenet s, flufters, outlaws, quibtu 'P" ""~ J'roflagat.t fom.eacvtt.e.Itwasano!d 'PolmctansAphonfme,Tkey that l~Jim bonu . 11rcpoore andbad, rnvie rich, /tAle goodmen, abhorre the Rrefont $•vern- ~:v;~~::·.~~:;. p;ent,wt}bfor" new, and wouldhave all turned topjie tr<rvu. When Catt- cxopta>tt, odio line rebelled in R~me, he got a company of fuch deboilied rogues toge- ~=~:~;:;~"' ther,they were h1s famthars and coadjutors, and fuch ha~e been your re- perunr. Q bels moll: part mall ages,Ja<k Cade,Tom Straw,Kette,& hts compamons. d Velegib.,; Where they begenerally riotous,and c_ontentious, where there bema- !;~g':f,(~"u. ny dtfcords, many !awes, many law-fu,ts; many Lawyers, and many ""'ftindicf.rn Phyficians, it is a manifell: figne of a difiempered melancholy ll:ate, a? juru perirorum d J'lato long fince maintained: tor where fuch kinde ofmen [ warme, they ~~'!"":'me-. will make more worke for themfelves, and that body politicke difeafed, , In pr~;f:~: which was otherwife found. A generall mifchief in thefc our times, an juru. Multipliunfenfiblc plague, and never fo many ofthem: whichare mw multiplyed ;:;:::, 7,~:'): (fatth Mat.Gcrald.u, 'aLawyer htmfelfe) tU fo many Locujfs, not thepa- nonpatri•pamm bHt theplagues ofthe Country,and(or the mojf part afi•perciliom, b.. d, ;;:::;;;~;;,-._ covcto.u,ltt~gzo.ugencrattonofmen. 1 Crumenimulganati•, &c. Apurfe- minet,majore mllk1ng nauon,adamorous company, gowne~ vu!tures, gq_ui ex injuri£ :7tfofi,:;(~f.%: 'Vtvunt & fongurne ctvt~lm, theeves and Semmanes of dtlcord; worfe ofi,wc.ticiru"' then any polers by the h1gh-way fiqe, aurt ac<rpttres, arm txterebroni- latroci•i•m lies, pecrmtarttmhamtol.t, quadrttplatores, Curi.e harpagones ,fori tintina- ;x.;;::;;;pid. · b11la, monjfra. homtn~tm, mangones, &c. that take upoll them to make toquieleia tur~ pe~ce,but are mdeed the very ~ill:urbers ofour peace,a company ofirre. ~'·';i'""' lig10us Harptes,fcrapmg,gnpmg catch- poles (I mean our common hun- g~•rc . .Argen.· gry Pettefoggers, rabu/,u forenfes, love and honour in the meane time, i Iuruconfoltl all good !awes, and worthy Lawyers, thlt are fo many k Oracles and d?m"'"•'" 1"'" G Pilots k~,i~~;~·Tu/{1,