Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

')0 D n " ·o c R 1 Tu s to the Readrr. Pilots of awell govern'd common-wealth.) Without Art, without >Lib.J. Judgement, thatdomoreharme, as•Livie faid, q~tambe!la externa,fo- 'lnes, morbive, thenlickneOc,warres,hunger,difeafes; and car{<amoJftnHib.t. Jmp. credible deftruc1ionofa Common-wealth, faith b Seft!lim, a famous ivili. ~;J;z7,":;;;;~ an fometimes in Paris.As Ivie cloth by an Oke, imbrace it fo !ong,umil it pubpernieiem hathgot the heart outofJt, fodotheyby fuchplacesrheymhabit; no •ffrrunt. counfelat all,no jufiice,no fpcech to be had,nijl e«m pr,emt~l(eris,he mull: be feed fi\H, orelfehe is as mute as aBfh,betteropepan Oyfl:cr without a c Po!Jierat.tib. knife. :Expertocrede (faith' Saluburienjis) inman11s eorHm mi!lies incidi; ;,~~~;~: ::·~p & Charon immitis 'lui nulli pepercit unquam, his longeclcmentior ell:; frs integros fibi I .!Jeakeottt of expmence, 1 have beene athwfandt1ines among(f them, and mut<iplieari Charon htmfelft 16 moregentle then they;d he ·u contentedwith hisjinglepay, 1" 1 '"'· but they mtdtiplyJfi!l,they arenever .fatisjied:bdides,they have dawnijicas tPMa<<i iunt lingua<, ashetermes it, nififimibus argente/6 vinci-u, they mull be feed taem>qu.fm to fay nothmg,andtget more to hold their peJce; then we can to fay our "" 1'1.•4 . bell:. They will fpeaketheirdienrs faire,and invite them to their tables; ~~:~~~'Jl:;a~ bur as he fOllowes it, c ofall injuftice the.re ts none fo pernicioHs tU that of pitali,,qudm theirs, which when they deceive mojf, wi!J ftem< tll be boneft men. They :,:,7,.~~.:~~- take upon t~emoto bepeacemakers, & jOverecauf-u hHmilmm, to belpe vnt, id agul!f. thertt tO thetr n_ght,patrocznzt~t'f'lr Afllu7N/Uut ail IS {or thetr owne good, ur.boni 'Viri effi ut boculos plemomm exharmant, they plead for pO'C.re mengratu, but f;:antur. they are h>ut as afl:ale to catch others. Ifthere pe no jarre,Stheycanmake 1ue ",;.,~·:::,;~a jarre, out ofthe law it felfe finde fl:illfomequirke or other, to fer them pmeJat;h•• atoddes,andcominue caufes fo long, luftra aliquot, I know nor how £:,~;,~1i~f:,~;: many year-es 'before the eaufe is heard, and when 'tis ju-dged and determiJ antu•,etfi •w- ned,by reafon offome trickes and errours, it is as frelh to bcginne; after [::t"';;~"" twice feven y~ares fometimes? as it was at firfl;and fo they prol"ngtime, g c.mJtn in delay fuitS; ull they have ennched rbemfdves, and beggered their cli- :;:;-/'~~;,~~:~ ems. AndashCato inveigbedagainil: Ifocrates Schollers, we may jufily <t••·'"f'"•"" taxeourwranghngLawyers, theydoconfenefeerem lrttbus, ~refolmlires ,.,.,. fi- ~Ious and bufie here on earth,that I rbmk they w•l plead their chents eau~ t:;~;;:,';~;~·vit. eshereafter, fomeofthem i_nhell. i Simlems complaines amongfl:tbe ca1., 4uj.u .,_ Sut{fors of ~be Advocatesmhis ume,that when they iliould make an end, puJ i~few they begancdntroverfies,and protrac1 their catt(es many years,perfwading }:/~,.'~!:':;:. them their title#good, tilltheir patrimonies be confumed, and that they runt,pat"einio have f}ent more in (eeking then the thing,u worth, or theyJha!l get by the {":.!:.:~:''::;1_ recovery .So that he tb~t goes rolaw,as the proverb is,~holds awolfe by ovtt. repub.nan ~he eares,or as a ilicepmafiorm runs for ilielter to abner,Ifhe profecute txplieanJu,fed his caufe he is oenfumcd, ifhefurceafe his fuit belofeth all; what dilfe- ~::~z :;.. rence~ They had won~ beretofore,faith Auflin, to end matters,per com- ••m Jant,itaut munes arbttros; and fo m SJVttztfland (weare informed bymstmlerlls J lirtr in mulros theJ had(ome common arbitrators, {Jt' dayef?Pen in every Towne, that made ::::~:~~~";,il a fr_iendly compofition betwixt -man and man, and he much wonders at <~mmo!ef/i4. tht~rhoncftjimpltcstte, th.tcould keepe pea(e fowe!l, and end {iech great :·~!f.~:~; cau(e• by th•t meane1. At n Fez in Afick, i:bey have neither Lawyers iwr patrimciJia exbauriahtur. kLupum auribr0trntnt. 1 Hor. m Lih. Je Hehm. repub.ltltlictsqu~unque pagoc(!1ff1ituuntq_ui t~mita atiqU4 tran[amotzt fi fieri polfit, lites to/ltvd. E,to m4jorum nop.r01um flmplititattm aJmirer, qat Jic cauftH g'a'Viffim~U compo{Utrint,(f}'c. n Clen<Jrd.l. 1.ep. Si qu.e contrO'I.Itrfi.e wro:a:$p4Tt jutlictm 41iit,is ftmit (!)' flmul rem trQnjigit,audil; r~ec g_ui~ Jit apptU~tio, lll'br)mo[<t'i m~e M film!~ - - · · -- · ·- · ·· Advocates