Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • "o c R z ·r us 1D the Reader. 55 ned, Villagesdepopulated,&c. The lefferthe Territory is, cG>mmonly the richer it is. P.rvm fod bene cultm ager. As thofe Atheman, Lactditmollim, Arc•dian, Aelian,Sycionian,Me/fenian, &c. Common-wealths of Greece make ample proofe,as thofelmperiall Cities and free States of Germany maywitneffe,thofeCanrons ofSwttzers,Rhm, Grifons, Wat. / loones, Territories ofTu(Cany, Lpke and Smes ofold, Pledmont,MantiM, Yenice inltaly,Ra-gufe,&c. ' . · That Prince therefore, as g BoterHI advifeth, that will have a rich g Polit.!.,., .s; Country, and faire Cities, let him get good r rades, Priviledges, painfull inhabitants, Artificers,:ind fuffer no rudeMatter;unwroughr,as Tm, Iron,Wool!, Lead;&c.to betranfported out of his Country. hA thing h Fordyin•of in part feriouily attemptedamongll: us, but not effected. And becaufe cloa~hs, ,'a indufiryofmen~andmultitudeofTrades fomuch availes to the orna. t;.~~'1:~~: .. ment and ennchmg ofaKingdome;Thofe anc1ent •Mafs1l1ans would admit no man intothe,ir citie, that had not fome Trade. Selym the fir!~ Tttrkifo Emperour, procured a thoufand good Artificers to be brought from T~ttrino Conft4ntinople. ThePolanders indented with Henry Duke ofAnjou,their new chofen King, to bring with him an hundred Families . ofArtilicersinto Poland.James thefirtl in Scotland( ask BHcha»an writes) k Eli/f .Scor.lift•. fent forthe bell: Artificers hecoulu!Jci in ;c HYOf"· and gave them great '"//"""" P:•· rewards,toteachhisSubjects their feverall Trades. EduJArdthethird, ~;s:;J:;7~" our m oft renowned King, to his ecernall memory,brought clothing firft edo"''"'"'· into this llland,tranfporting fome Families ofArtificers from Gaunt hii:her.Howmany goodly cities could I reckon up, that thrivewholly by Trade,wherethoufands oflnhabitants live fingular well by their fingers ends: AsFlorenceinitaly, by making cloth of Gold; great Millan by Silke,and all curious Workes; Arras in Artow, by thofe faireHangings; many cities in Spaine, many in France, Germany, have none other ma.intenance,efpecially tbofe within theLand.IMecha in ArabiaPetr.ea,fiands lMunft. cofm; in amoft unfruitfull co~ntry, that wants wa~er, amoog!l the Rockes .<as ~~~~:,:·:,f,;~ Vertomannm defcnbes lt) and yet lt IS a moll: elegant ~nd plea~ant CJty, inf~condiffimo by reafon of the traffick ofthe Eill and Weft. OrmUJ m Perjia,1s amoft '!iuaindigenre famous Mart-Town, bath nought e!fe but the oppottunity ofthe Haven:~:;{.~;~~;,. tomake 1t Rounlh.Cortntha noble CitY (Lumen Greci.e, Tully calls it)the gantiffima, ob Eye of Greece, by reafono£ CenchreM a·nd Lechem,thofeexcellent Ports· Orientio••g•~ drew all that traffick ofthe Ionian and Aegean feas to it;and yet thecoun~ ~=;::;:;:;,~ try about lt was curva & foperciliofo, as mstrabotermesit, rugged and mw.a.Geogr harlh. Wemay fay the fame of Athens,Attium, Thelm,Sparta,and moft t •JPerum ofthofetownesin Greece. Norewherge in Germany is fired inamoft bar- ""'"' ren f?1le,yet a noble Imperiall city,by the foie indullry ofArtificers,and cunn.mg Trades,they draw the riches of moft countries to them, [o expm m Manufactures,that as Saluft long fince gave outofthelike, Sedem ammain ~xtremw digiti< habent, their foule,or intelleEfmagens, was pla. ced 10 thm ~ngersen~s;&f<;> we may fay ofBajit,spire,Cambray,Franc. . fort ,&c. Ius ahnofi mcred1ble~o fpeak what n Mat. Riccim theJefuite, n Lib.Edir. J and fome others, relate of themdufiry of the Chinats moll populous N~&.Tregaht • . countries, notabegger, oranidle perfonto be feene, andhowbythat::}f.ii~::.6 ' 6' means they profper and llour;fh. Wc have the famemeanes,able bodies, &in... · · pliant