Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • .M o c R 1 T u s to the Reader. pliant wits, matter ofall fons, Wooll,Flax,Iron,Tin,Lead,Wood &c. .many excellentfubjeCts to workeupon, onely indullry is wanting. 'Wc 0 Ubinobiler fendourbellcom~noditiesbeyond thefeas, which they makegoodufe pobri loco ha- of to the1r necefliues,let themfelves aworkabout,and feverally Improve, bent arrem ali~ fendmg the fame to us back at deare rates, or dfe make toyes and babies ~~·m Pt";'· of the Tailes ofthem,which they fell to us againe,at as great a reckoning p {~.·;3 :1;t!;~ as they bought thewhole. Inmoll ofour Cities,fome few excepted,like ;'.'{;;~:;,~;"' o Spamfo loytems, we live wholly by Tipling-Innes and Ale-Houfes; Bel~·-fid ur Malnng are theu bell ploughes, thelf greatefi traffick to fell ale. p Mettflr lpani oria- ranandfomeotherobjeCttous, thatweareno wh1tfomdufinous as the ~~~~~:~;,~Hollanders: MantM 1 1.Trades (faith he) which d~e morecteriottl or trouble~ (""'agrnm. fome, are wholly excrct(edby.ftrangers:the; dwt!ltn aSea fit!/ offtjh,bllt they ams ma.ua~ artfo idle,they willnot catch{o m11ch IU jha/1 (erve their ownt turnrs, but :;: :~r;:;f:::;~ buy it of their neighbours. Tu{hMarelibemm, they filh under our nofes, fi_ Iah"u _& and fell it to us when they have done,at their owae prices. ~~;;~;,_ ---. -_-P11det h.te opprobri4 nobi.r . quirum indu- Et dtctpotruf!e, & nonpotmffereftUt. firiam,d pere- I am afhamed to heare this objected by !!rangers, and know not hovr ~z;;~t:;;n~:~~- eo anfwer it. , habirantin pi- Amongll: our Townr< thereEonly •Lwdon that bcar5 the face of a (~1!,;;:;:,~;~ City,' EpitomeBritanni<t, a famous En<porit~in, fecon~ to none beyond n,. pi[""'"' Seas, a nobleMan : But {o/4 crefczt, decrefcentrbm altu; and yet m my !"•"""" infitl• fiender judgement, defectivemmany thmgs. The reft ( r fome few ex- .IJI{;::~/.';1:,~, cepted) are inm_eane eftate,ruinous moll: part, pooreand full ofbeggers," "'l""""· by reafon ofthen- decayed trades, neglected or bad pohcy, 1dlenetfe of i ~~::; ~;;;!z' · their Inhabitants,rior,which had rather begge or loyter,and be ready to_ ~umero4 po- ftarve,then worke. tens _&' robore I cannot deny but that fomething may be faid in defence of our Ci-' f'""'"J'"1'l"· ties, "that they are not fo fairebuilt, (for the foie magnificence of this- ,;,~,;,;;;fl..,, Kingdome (concerningbuildiags) hath becneof old in thofe Norman No;"'itb,Wor- Callles and Religious Houfes) fo rich, thick fired, populous, as in fame :,"l~r&;;i~J- other coumries;befides thereafons Card•n gives,Sttbtii.L ib. I I. we want fords Ar;u- Wineand Oy le, their twoHarvcils, wedwell in a colderAire, and for c~~:~~!~'"r' rhatcaufemufia little more libe_rallyxfeed ofFleflJ, as all Norrhernc dwcllwirh us Countnesdoe: OurprovJiionwJllnot therefore extend to the mamteinrhe Cou•- nanceoffo many: Yetnotwithilanding we have matter of all forts, an 2.~;~:~:i;~~: open fca fortrafficke, as well as the reil:, goodly Havens. And how can is norhin~ to we excufe our negligence, our not, drunkennelfe, &c. andfuch enorml- ~~~ ~~;~~ ~,;11_ nes that follow l t~. We have excellentlaws enacted, Y?U will fay> f~vere Jrcd or fourc fiatutes, houfes of correct!On, &c. to fmall purpofe lt feemes, it 1snot hundred Vtlla- houfes will ferve, but cities ofcorrection, Y our trades generally ought ~~~·~:,;~;";1_ to be reformed, wants fi1pplied. In other countries they have the fame bze yccld, grievances, I confelfe, but that doth not excufe us, " wants, defects, ~~~;t:;r;::;, enormities, idle drones, rumults, difcords, contention, Law-fuits,many hundred fami lies to encre:lfc one of our Cities, or to contend with theirs, which fiand thicker? And whereas ourt; 11fullly q)nlifis of fcvcn thoufand,thcirs conGfls offony thouf:rndiniu.bit:tnts. x Max_ima part 1.1ifl«4 in carne tonfiflit. Po!yd. Lib.I.Hijl. y Rtfr~tnate monflpolii JictHtiam, pauciores alantur ocio, redmttgreturagricolatio, lanifcrum .hlflauretur tlf fir bo1Jeflum ntz;(Jtium,quo (etxerctat otiofoiPa turba. Nifi hi6m4liJ meJem~r.frujlra exercen~ jujl itiara. Mor.t~top .Li b.I, 'l.MancipiillDcuplcs egctttrU e11pp4Jocumux.l:lor. La we~