Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D E " o c R 1 r u s to the Reader: 61 prefem pofleflion. It {hall be divided into n:or 13.Provinces,and >hof~ by hils,rivers,rode-wayes, or fomemoreermn~nt !unitS exactly bound: ed. Eachprovincefhallhave aMetropolu, wh1chfhallbefo placedasa center alniofl in acircumference,and the refl atequall d1flances,fome u Italian miles a[ under, onhereabout, and in them fhall be fold all things neceflary for the ufe ofman ;flatu horil & diebus, no market towns, mar. kets or fairs,for they do but ~eggar cities(no village II_Jal fland above fix, feven;or eight miles from aCity)except thofe Emponums wluch are by rhefea fide, general! Staples, Mans, as Antwerpe, Vcmcc, Bergen ofold, London,&c.ciries moll part ilia! be fituat upon nav1gablenvers or lakes, creeks,havens;and for their form,regular,round, fquare, or long fquare, m with fair,broad, and flraight"fireets,houfes uniform,built ofbrick and m.Pide Patril!one,like Bmges ,Bruxel~, RhegiumLcpidi,Berna inS witzerland,Millan, ':~~d~1~jiJ;~· Mantua,Crema,Cambalt< m T4rtary defcnbed by M.Polus,orthat Venett- Reipub. an Falma.I will admit very few or no fuburbs,& :hofe ofbafe~ building, •;;;;~,":.t~J!: wals only to keep out man and horfe,.except It bemfome fronner towns, ~u..Atifl.polit. or by the fea fide,and thofe to be fornfied n aftenhe latdbnanner offor- '"P· ~· ·· rP' Vitification,and fite uponconvement havens,or opportuneplaces.In every m~"" l.t .cap. fo built city,! will have convenient churches and feparate places to bury ~~'i<h will• thedead in,not in churchyards;a cittadeU,.(in fome,not al)tocommad it, ofetrcl•, &c. prifons forotfeoders,opportune market places ofall forts,for corn,meat, catt!e,fuell,fifh, &c. commodious courtS ofJuflice, publike hals for all focieties,burfes,meeting places,armories,Pinwhich fhall be kept engines p 'Dehu Pli•; for quenching offire,artillery,gardens, publike wa!J,s, theatres and fpa· epifl.~• . lib. ,; cious fields allotted for all gymnicks,fports,and honefl recreations, ho- ::Z.~~~'(;b~n: fpitals ofall kindes,for children,orphans, old folks, lick men, mad men, fouldiers, pelt houfes, &c. not builtprecario, or by gowty benefactours, who,when by fraud and rapine they have e-xtorted all their lives;oppreffed whole provinces,focieties, &c. give fomething to pious ufes, build a fatisfaCtory almef-houfe,fchool,or bridge,&c.at their lafl end,or.b'efore perhaps, which is no otherwifetllen tofleale agoofe, and ftick downe a feather, rob athoufand to relieve ten: And thofe hofpitals fo built and maintained, not by colledions,benevolences,donaries,for a fer number, (as in our5)jufl fo many and no more,at fuch a rate, but for all thofe who ftand in need,bethey more orleOe,and that ex pubtico.erario, and fo flill Pide B 'fl . maintained,non nobi< folu'!' nati f•mus,.&c. I will have conduits offweet 2m ~"'~:,;mand goo~ water,aptly dtfP.ofedmeach towne,common q granaries, as at [;'fl'~t1~­ D refdc~ mMifmJ,Stetetnmfomerlan.d,Noremberg,&c .Colleges ofma- ""' 't:;,,};,;.J. themattCians,mufiCians, and aCtors, as ofold at Labedt~m inlonia ,. alcu-. de 11nnoll4. mifls,phyficians,anifis and philofophers; that all arts and fcienJes may '~or ro ~· fooner be perfect~d & better learned;and publikehiitoriographers, as a- ~.~,~~~'o£' mongfl thofe.anctent f ~er flans ,quuncomn:entar:osreftrebtint qu.e memo. Phyfi'~·. · ratu dtgnagerebantur, mfor.med and appomted byt~e frate to regifler all ~~£'!:1,':.':: famous acts,&not by eachmfuffictent fc.nbl~r,parnal or parafincal pen- anriguit.Jud. danr,as m ou~ nmes. I wtll.prov1de pubhke fchools'ofall kindes,finging, ~.·r6· Hnotl. dancmg,fen~Ing,&c. efpeCially o~Gramar &languages,not to be taught , SoLoJ. Piver by thofetedtous precepts ordmanly ufed,but by:ufe,example,converfa- chinks .~dl, non, as travellers learnabroad,&nurfes teach their children:as I wil have =~~::'"'·">d H3 · all ·