Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

6o hRaggnalios part.I.cap.'-. &part.J·'· '7· D • M o c a I ~ u s to the Reader. offuperfiition and jealoufie, Ger1t1any ofdrunkenneffc,all our Nonherne country ofgluttony and intemperance, cafiigate our hard hearred parents,mafiers,rurors; lalh difobedient children, negligent fervams, cor. rect thefe fpendthrifts and prodigal! fans, enforce idle perfons to worke, drive drunkards outofthealehoufe, repreffetheeves, vilitcorrupt and tyrannizing magiltrates,&c. But as L.Licinim taxed Timolazu, you may us. Thefe are vain,abfurd and ridiculous wilhesnot to be hoped: all mull: be as it is, h Bocchalimu may cite Common-wealths to come before Apollo, and feeke to reformethe world it felfe by Commiflioners,but there is no remedy, it may not be redreffed, deftnent homines tum de mum (fu/_ te[cere, quando ejfe definmt, fo long as they canwagge their beards, they will play the knaves and fooles. . Becaufe therefore it is a thing fo difficult,impoflible, and farre beyond H ercules labours to be performed; let thembe rude, fiupid, ignoranr,in- ; Peltnt.A•- cult,lapu fi;per lapidemfideat, and as the i Apologifi will, Rejp. tnfli & Jre<,Ap•log. graveol<ntialaboret, mund111 vitio, letthem be barbarous as they are,let r"~i~';~;.., them k tyrannize, epicurize, oppreffe, luzuriate, confume themfelves •flf,..d•fi•• with factions and contentions, live in riot, poverty,wam,mifery; rebell, •dbuc. wallow as fo many fwine in rheir owne dung, with rty[{es companions, flr~ltosjubeoe[{elibcnter. I will yet rofarisfie and pleafe myfdfe, make an rtopia ofmine owne, a new <.Atlantu, a poetical! Common-wealth of rnineowne, inwhich! will freely domineere, buildcities,makelawes~ fiatures,as I lifi my felfe. And why may I not~ ---1 Ph1oribus atq11e Poiitif,&c; You know what liberty Poe~s have ever had,and befides,my predecelroi Democritus was aPolitician,aRecorder of Abdera, a law-makeras fame fay;and why may nor I prefume fo much as he did~ Howfoever I will adventure. For the fire,if you will needs urge me to it, I am not fully refolved,itmay be in TerrA Aujrali I ncpgnita, there is roome enough (forof TerdinanJo my knowledge neither that hungry Spaniard,nor M ercuri11s Britannicus; ~ir. x6•>. have yetdifcovered halfe ofit)orelfeoneofthofefloring IllandsinMare del Zur, which like the Cyanian lfies in the Euxine fea, alter their place, and are acceflible only adet times,and to fame few perfons;or one of the Fortunate Ifies,for who knowes yet where,or which they are~ There is room enough in the inner parts of America, andnorrhernecoallsof Afta. But I will chufe a fire, whofe latitudelhall be + 5. degrees (I refpect not minutes)in the midfi ofthe temperate Zone,or perhaps under the IEqua. tor,that Paradife ofthe world, ubiJemp<r virens laurus, &c. where is a perpetuall Spring: the longitude for fame reafons I will conceale. Yet be ·it knowne to aU men by thefepreftnts ,that ifany honefi gentlemanwil fend in fo much mony,as Cmian allowes an Altrologer for calling a Nativi. tie, he !hall be a lharer;- I will acquaint him with my project, or ifany worthyman will !land for any temporal! or fpirituall office ordignity. (for as he[aid ofhis ArGhbilhoprick of rtopia, 'tis fonC!us ambirus, and not aoeilfe to be fought after)it !hall be freely given,without all inrercef• fions,bribes,letters,&c.hisown worth!ha!be the belt fpokefman;& becaufewe lhala.dmirofno deputies or advoufons,ifhe be fufficienrly qualilied,and as able as willing to execute the place himfe!fe,. he lhall have prefent