Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • " o c 1\ r T u ·• to the Re4der. cfir Calvin Brtur,Zancbim,P.Martyr, becaufebyfQmany gr.andlawyer; decre;s of Emperours, Princes Sta~ures, cullomes of Common. wealths,Churches approbations it is permitted,&c.I wil rherefQre allow ir.But to no private perfons,no&to everymanthat Will. to or.phanes ~mly, maides, widows, or fuch as by reafon ofthmage, fexe,, ed~cauon, IEnorance oftrading, know nor orherwife how to·employ1t, and thofe fo approved, not to letit out apart, hut to bring their money to a m common m AHhorc banke which{hall be allowed m·everyCity, as m Genua, Gepeva, Norem- Lomb.,.ds lk, htrge Venice,ar "5 ,6,7 .notabove 8 per cmtum,as the[upervifors,or ,erarii ~ondf"'' h pr.tftffiihallthinkfir. nAn~as idhallnotbe lawfull for each man tobe~~~~g;,z~,. anU[urer that will,fo lhallit nor be lawfull for all to rake up mony at ufe, non;mons ptenor to prodigals and fpendchrifts, but to me;·chams,. youngtradefmea; ~~'~;~;;~;,~~' fuch as !land in need,or know honellly how to imploy it, whofe aecefiiry, Mali"" "'m" caufeand condition, the faid fupervifors fl1all approve of. ':,;;;t;:.t~;:.~. I will have no pnvatemonopolies,to ennch one man,and begge.r a mu!~ eh" lend mony tirude, Pmultiplicity of offices, of fupplying by deputies. weights aod npon CJfic meafuresthe fame throughout, and thofe rectified by the Primum mobile,~;:;;~;·':.'~;' and Suns monon, threefcore mtles to adegree according to oh>fervanon, odventnec for tooo.Geometric:11l paces to amile, fivefoot to apace, twelve inches to a m~~ lives. foot, &c.and from meafures known,it is an ea!ie matterto reC!ilie weights ;oni~~ ~,'li &c. to call up all, and refolve bodies by Algebra, Stereometry. I hate •mhmcechan, wars,ifthey be not adpopuli {alutem,upon urgent occa!ion, t~d·~~,~~:; ... odimt« accipitrem,quiafemper vivit in armiJ. a~~:v~~:t~:~:~ q offen!ive warres, except the caufe be very juil:, I wlll not allowof. For 'I hath jndieiolly do righly magnifie that faying of If annibal ro S cipio in,. Livy,It hadbetn'c pe~c~in J•is able[Jed thin"' for you and u;, ijG'odhadgiven that minde to ourpredece!fors, ;~~ib~ec~ ~';· thaty•uhad une content wuh Italy.; .'•ewith Aficke. For neither Sicily,~;,~;';~~';""'' ,or Sardtmaare worth {iteh coft andpaznes ,fo many fleets and armtes, or (o oHoefm • many fomom Captames lwes. Omniaprim tentanda, fa iremeanes lhall firil: Zanehiv• com, be tried. r feragit tranquil/a potefta<, Ji!!!,od vtolenta neqttit. I will have in ,.cap. ad them proceed with all moderation, but heare you, F abim my Generall, r;t~;<;;::lfj: nor M inutius: And in fuch wars to abllain as much as is pofiible from'de-(uram, &- cha. populations, burning ofrownes,.mafiacring ofinfams,&c. For defenlive riwi ~riflia. wars,! will have forces il:ill ready at a finall warning, byland and fea, a :.C:J::::•· prepare~ Navy,fouldiers inprocinflu, and mony,which is nervus be!li,lli! ~;;l:;;,t;"'· 1J1 a readmeffe, and a fuffiCient revennue, a thu·d .Part as mold." Rome and adfanm, !1~~: Egypt, referved for the Commonwealth; to avmd thofe heav1etaxes and qui inpecuniis impo!itions, as well to defray this char<>e ofwarres as alfo all other pub- bonahabent,&' l 'k d c 1 I . fi b > ob£tatem,ftxl e era canons,expences, ees,penfions,reparations,chailefports,fe:Jfis, um,mtualicudonanes, rewards,and entertainments.All things in this narureefpecially jm rgnorantiam I will_havematurely do~e, and with great x deliberation: ne q"idY temere: ~;['!,;~;~~:'· nequtdremifi ac ttmzde fiat; (td quoftrorho(fes l To profecure the reltfodmercatori~ ho~efle impendenr,&c.. p Idem ~pud Ptrf,tU -~lim, l~ge Brifonium. q Idem Platode leg)b«4. r Li:~!:d;~::m qu~Jtem_ ~~rat eam p:rrtbJU nofir~ memem a dus datam'l'jfe, 111 '!JOt Italia-, nos Afric4! imprrio cunrmtt ejfemM. Nee e~~m Sml_u: aut _~a7~t~ta jam_ dtgnaprecia funt pro tot ctaffibw,&c. [ claudi:m. t A depoputarione,ag;rorumincen-. tit~, _(9' e;u(~~rjaflu rmmambw. Plato. usefeliul4lib. 1., de7cpuW. Gal. 'Ualde enim eft indecorum, ubi IJ.uodpr:eteJ opzmo~em acttdtt duere, No~tfutaram,pr~[ertim fires pr.rca'tleri potuerit. Li'Vi'" l ib. 1. 'Dion.lib. ~. 'Ziiodorw Si· CUI«4ltb. .t. --x p_erat,tt rranqwllapoteflt16, ~od vio1ent41ittJ,Uit.-----'ClaYdian. y BeUum nee ti11ltfl'c tWm,necprovoumdum. Pltn.P4neg)r.rraj~nc. ·- · I a would