Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

66 D • "o c a 1 Tu s t~ the Juader. n Atln"'"' lhall plcafc; like" that Saccmemfeft11m amongft the Perfiani, thofe Satur- ~';;;.1,,.,.,J, n•ls in Rome, as well as his ma!ler. ~If any be drunk, helhalldrinkno ttpu ·.Helver. more wine or ftrong drink in a twelve-month after. Abanckrupt lball b~ ~!::'jic~·'1"'' p ~atadtmiAIIH i!' Amphrt/,eatro,publike!y lhame<';and l~e that cannot pay q Ho •hat p<o- h1s dcbts,1fby not or neghgcncehehave beene.Jmpovenfhed, {hall be tor vi '.'M' tot a twelve-monthimprifoned:ifinthat fpace his creditors be not fatisfied · ~~~;".;~;,:~· q he lhall be hanged. He' that commits facriledge, lhalllofe his hands; h~ thicfc.P"ul. that beares falfe w imeife, or is ofperjury conviCt, lhall have his tonaua r Al~tdi lex. cur out, except he redeemeit with his heJd .Murder,' adultery fl1all be pu- :~"'l':~.- nifl1ed bf death; but not theft~ except it be fome moregrievous offence, <TJ.<iur,••Ji or notono~s offenders: otherw1fe they fhall b~condemned to thegallies, ::.~:f:""· mmes,be h1s llaves whom they offended,durmg thmhves.I hateall here. fsr i"" nup-: ditary flaves, and that duram Perfarrem legem, as u Brl{imim calls it; or as ::;t;".Cr";~;i X A_mmianu: ,i1'1'JJ.e11Ji~formi~At/H & abomt1Jtt1Jd4-S_ iegts, eer.qutU Pb 11~X4111 pr•;•JinnJi . umm,omnupropmqutt..s pmt, hard law thatw1feand children, fnends; mu"" naf'" and allies lhould fuffer for tbe fathers offence. f,.::'.;;:::~ c Nomanlhallmarry unrillheYbe >5, no woman till lhe be> o, "niji a~ A'J'''' lex En /iter di[penfatumfutrit. Ifone' dye, the other party lhall not marry till fix l~gwpfi{'"'- moneths after; and becaufe many families are compelled to live niggard. ~=· "" ly,exhauft-and undone by great dowers, b none lhall begiven at all, or ve• • P.""P"" "'" ry litde,and that by fupervifors rated,they that are foule lhal have agrea• I'~'~":,;,"::C'if- tcrponion;iffaire,noneatall,orvery little: ' howfoever not to exceed j;;.;, ,,.,i fuch a rate as tbofe fupervifors lhall think fit. And when once they come ""' •/ .trt4m to thofe yeares: poverty lhall hinder no man from marriage, or any other ::'(.~::,;1• refpeCt, ·' but all lhall be rather enforced, then hindred: 'except they be !""JI .B .o~r.,~- 'difmembred, or grievoufly deformed, infiFme, or vifited with fame ;.~;;:,;.:~~<- enormous hereditary difeafe, in body or minde-, in fuch cafes upon agreat .., ft<'"' ,; Ji- paine,or mulcr,s man or woman fuall not marry,orher order lhall be take11 '"'""'m""'-fort hem to their content. IfpeoJ?lc over abound, they!hall be eafed by ~:,~~:p~~e- b c.olonies. . . . . . Juirv<nrrt.!im- •Nomanlhall weare weaponsmany C1ty. The fame atttre lhall be ;;-;::,~J.j/- kept,and thatoproperto feverall callings, by wh!ch they fhall be diftinguiutib.>..tmg. lhed.k Luxwfunerum lhall be taken away, that mtempeftive expenfe mo- ~~{."':,.· derated,,and many orhers~Brokers,takers ofpawnes, biting ufurers,I will Y ,;11 ;,: Ari- not adm1t; yet becaufe h;c cum hom1mb111 non cttm dm ag1tur, we con. fi"""·'m'• verfe herewith men, not with gods, and forthe hardneffe ofmens hearts ;: :~:~';;~"' I will tolerate fome kinde ofufurl'. Ifwe were honeH, I confeffe,fi probi .. trx ,u.. ti- e!Jemm, we lhould have no ufe of1t, but bemg asms, we mull: neceifarily curgi,h<Jtt admitit. HowfoevermoftDivinescomradiClit, · :t;';f:t~;- .. D tc;11Jtllin(ici114,ftdvoxt4fol~trepertaejf. ehom,Jitclium, it mull: be winked at by Politicians. And yet fame great DoClors approve Hemmtllf,tUm, ,Arnif~m , Nt'1Jif41l'Ur1J , & aliot dt batqruflione. a AlfretW. b ~pu.d l.aconu olim 'l.lirginrt finttlott ~tubdant. s.. trr.t.3 .t. t. c l.tft. cautum nontta pr~dt! 11 ap11tl Ytntror ,nt qui& fatnti'" dotemexctdtrt.t 1 ~ oo.'"'fl" d Bux. .syn~. lud. Sif l•titi.l.fO .ajer .Ajric4' dt(crtp,t .llt finr4littr i~ec~nwunttlchreipub.bt.num. Ur A•rufi.C~(M.erar 44 c:dibet , R.om,anotoltmtd~IUit. c "' orho laborant ,qui itl proltmfacilt Jiffunditr,u,negrn~H lmmanAmfltd4 contagio~tt l~EdatiU. J•vtJatUte taflratur,mul trtt talttJ'Ntul d confortiD'ViTorumabltt,amur,(JJ'c. ~tflor BoethiU$ llifl .lib. t ,tk'IJtt.S.cf/16rum l'lll#ihfu. t specio,iffimi juvrnts li&tri3 t/4hllnt fljleram.Plato s .de legibM. g The ~;'l~Oil SC:xdudc dumb,blmde, Jcprous,and fuch ltk~ pcrfons trom :J.llillhc:ritancc:,as we do foolcs. hUt oli.m RomAnt, HifP4Jlibodit, (S'c. ll(iccila lih.l.$41·1 .M SillaTUm upedit:fic Hiffiani C~f.,fJ!il M~rot arma Upon.ere.So~t IS 1~ mofrltaliallcJttcS. k Idt~n !1411 ~a .M k£ii~)t hath eye~ Dccn uwnolc:~~· • 'IJttk CiuJl.Stlld1JWDIInlti·("~""vtill.~. ~>,(Qj.16 ~ ~ El{ltt ~·• ltgtb~~