Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • M o c R 1 Tu s to the Reader. 75 f Plrttarch fcoffes at him,he is not vexedwith torments,or brtrntwith (irr,foi- fExtortw non ledby hit adverfory, (oldofhitmemy : though he be wrinkled, fond.blinde, ~~'ft':,':;, ,::•- toothleffi and deformed;yet he tr mojt beatttijiefl, and ltke agod, akrngzn con- diru,,p,fi,•- ceit though n6t worth agroat. Hcnever dotes )never mad,ntver fad, drunke, 1~ 11~ luffa, non > h [ b r; d 'fl vtrmtur;nonft becaufevertllecannot be taken away,as;zeno o ds, y rea 1ono1;-rongappre- capriwaab h>- henfion but he was mad to fay fo. h AnticyrutElohuiceft opm aut dolabra, fleoenu•J.r., . ne had~eed to be bored,and fo had all his fellowes, as wife as they would ;;t:'.:f:fu~·fi­ [eem to be.Chryjippm himfelfliberally :grants them to be fools as well as lufC.,,defor':i,, others at certain times,upon fome occallons,amitti virtutem aitper ebrie- t;;''Jlfi•m~n, ,tatem,~lll atnbilariu morbum, it may be loft by drunkennes or melancho-Jeli/Jiv;::~~ Jy,he may be fometimes crafed as well as the rdl:; ad (ummrtmfopicns nifi :~'j.~~,'t,:;~,;, quumpttuttamolejla. I lhould here except fame Cymcks, Memppm,Dto- fir di~nu.. genes ,that Theban Cr.tes;or to defcend to thefe times, that omnifcious,on- g /Dum""'"'- Iy wife fraternityk ofthe RofteCroffi ,thofegreat Theologues, Politicians, ~7:~;;;;:;;~­ Philofophers,Phyliclans, Philologers,Arnfls, &c. ofwhomS'. Brrdget, infania,non ;11 • Aibt.s Ioacchimm, Leicenbergim, and fuch divine fpirits have prophelied, eb,iari,quia. and made promifetothe world,ifatleall there be any fuch(H en.1Neuhuft- ;;;;.."',;';,,:~·­ "'makes adoubt of n,mv alentinus AndreM and others)or an Elit.s artifex flantercomprerheir Theophraftianmafler; whqm though Libavius and manyderide and b1"0~:;~5t/ . carp ar,yet fome w1l have to be then renuer ofallartsand{Ctences ,reformer ~'Jiffi'., s. · ofthe world, and now living, for fo Iohamm MontanttS Strigenienfts that h ram.. Regreat patron of ParACel{ttJ contends &certainly avers, o amojf divineman, f.~_'P•g.,o, , and the quimefcence ofw1fedome where~oever he1s;for he, his fraternity, ; Rur. friends,&c.are all P betrothed towr(edome, 1fwe may beleeve their difciples kFwmfonct. and followers. I muft needs except Lipftus &the Pope, and expunge their f1:,j;~;~;:;;_ name out ofthe catalogue of fools.For belides that paraliticall teflimony let finr,unde ofDou(a, A SoleexorienteM£otida< uf#tpalttdes, ':/::~;;:_uda(- Ntm(J eft qr~z JU{lo fo .equrpar4re queat. , m'Iurri Bahcl. Lipftus faith of himfdfe, that he wasqhumani generit qttidemp.tdagogtts nomniuma.- 'VOC< & Jlylo,a grandSignior, a Ma~er,a Tutor ofus all,and for I 3. yeares ;;:;:,:;";,(ft:;: he brags, how he {owed wifedome m the Low counmes,' cum httmanitate rarur. · /iter M & fopimtiam c111n_prudentia: antijles fzp~cnti.e, helhall beSapicn- ~;~;~;~~~': tum OEfavriS, The Pope IS more.then aman,as fh1s .parats oft~n make him, tarum.in epifl. a dem1-god,and belidesh1shohneffe cannot erre, m Cathedra belike: and R.'{,.B'""· ed. yet fome oft!lem have beene Magicians,Heretikes,Atheifls,children, and ~'::p~:,J:;,~ as Platm• faith of Iohn 2!. Etft vtr lrteratus, multa ~ulrdrtatem & levita.JPonf"ti. ttmpr.t (e ferentiaegit,jlolidr & focsrdisvir ingenii, a fcholar fufficient q Sol"' hie eft h . h d'd" ['{h[ [' h 1 I 10 • >fop~tntal<~vo- yetmanyt mgs e 1 1001 y, 1g t y. canlaynomoretllenmparti-liranrvc/ut cular,but mgenerall termcs to the reft,theyare all II!ad,their wits-are eva- umbr~. porated,and as Ariojlo faignes 1. 34.kept in jars above theMoone. ;t;;Pu, aJ Bat. Some loft theirwits with love,Jome with Ambition, f Rtienf;:~U:; Some following' Lords andmenofhigh condition. "j,[:;::;;;:· Some tn farrt]ewels rrch andcojlty [et, r<iiquit. Others ttJ Poetry their tvitsforget. r Ma.z.nurl! vi• .A~otherthinktstobcan A(cumifl,, fo:C~;~:f: • Trllall bejpent,awdthat htGnumbers mi.ft, dunk;ocl>ecs Convict fooles they are, mad men upon record; and I am afraid paft cure drfipere.carul. many of the~,* crepttntinguina,rhe Symptomes aremanifell,they are all • Plaut.Menec, ofGotam pan01: K ~ .f!.!!j11n