Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

DB M o c R 1 T us to the Reader. uinSat. , •· "f!!t;um fitror hauddubius,quumfit maniftjfaphrenejis, fo?: ;~f~'~o wh~t remaines then x but to fend for Lora•ios,tho[c officers to carry them tho An<iey•·x all together for company to Bedlam, and fet Rablaioto be their phyfician. tom•keHdle- Ifanymanlhilllaske in the meane time, who lam thatfo boldlycen. ~,~:~t~:~r~ fureorhers, tu nu/lane habesvitia? have I no faults~ Y Yes more then thou potngo. haft, whatfoever thou art. Nos nummu fomu.r, Iconfelfeitagaine, I am iu~';!'::e~f~de as foolifh,as mad as an_y o_ne. . me (ol>hor,quod "In(anu.rvob.svtdeor,nondeprecor tp(e, unfi cur~ mu_lrU Ji!.!£o minHI injimus ,---- ~/,~;;:;:;!~I doe not deny it, demens de populo dematur. My comfort is, I have mor,c: vi•·idpfti•fi- fellowes,andthofeofexcellemnote. And though I be not fo right orfo 9,';;!,:r;~;od difcreet as I il10uld be, yet not fo mad, fo bad neithiT as thou perhaps taLuciani Ill Ne· kefr me tO be. ;:o;;~;:~t;,.. Toconclude, thisbeinggranted thatallthe worldis melancholy, or carateil. madde, dotes, and every member ofit, I have ended my taske, andfufficiemly il!ufirated that which I tooke upon me to demonfirate atfirfi. At this prefem I have nomore to f.1y; Hi< jimarn mentem Democrittu,I can bur wiil1 my felfe,and them agood Phyfician, and all ofus abettcrminde. And although fortheabovenamed reafons, I had a jufi caufeto undertake this fubjecl, to point at thefe particular fpecies of dotage, that fo menmightacknowledgetheir imperfections, andfeeke toreforme what is ami!fe; yet I have amore ferious intent at this time; and to omit all impertinent digreffions, to fay no more.offuchas are improperly melancholy, or metaphorically mad, lightlymad, orindifpofition, as·ftupid, ani Th,u I mcon gry,drunken, lllly,fottifll, fullen, proud, vain-glorious, ridiculous, beafiof Arnlr Vat~- I y' peevilh, obfiiOlte,impudenr,extravaganr, dry' doting, dull,defperate, Aeol'h m;mp. harebraine, &c. mad, phranricke, fooli01, heteroclites, which no new ~~~7,' · •Hojpitallcanhold, nophyfickchelpe: my purpofe andeAdeavouris, in b '"' affellio the following difcourfe to anatomize this hum~r ofMelancholy,through "?{;'.~,;;:;,;_- all his pans and fpecies, as it is an habite or an ordinary difeafe, and that ;;ffi.;a. · philofophically, medicinally, tofhewthccaufes, fymptomes, and fevec Cap .q.de rall cures ofit, that it may be the better avoided. Moved thereunto for ;:"~;anima. thegeneralityofit, and to do good, it being adifeafe fo frequent, as b M er- "'fl" hoc(•- curtail< obferves,in the[c our dayes;fo often happening, faith' Laurentim,in ;:;;;:::;fffim,.. our mtfcrable times, as few there are that fecle not the fm"-rt of it. Ofthe , conjUit-9S. f.1rne minde is £/ian Montalitu, d Melanllhon, and others;' Iulim C,efar <Uleo "'~'ut Claudintu calls it the fountaine ofallother difea[es, avdfo common in this ~:,;~;;; i~gr~; crafcdage ofot<rs, thatfcarce one of a thou(and io free from it: and that Sple- " ' """"'}ere ab neticke Hypocondriacall windc efpecially, which proceeds from the ~:.~::;;;; .. fpleene and fhon ribbe~. Being then it is adifde fo ~rievous, fo com- '"' &>omnium mon, I know not wherem to doe a more general! ferv1ce, and fpend my fcre 'J,"1"j/" time better, then to prefcribe meanes how to prevent and cure fo univer- '/~;,;~;.~,m~'· fall amalady, anEpidemicall difeafe, that fo often, fo much crucifies the Jiqui> ca/umoi- body andminde. ;~;,;r;:;~ •Jfo If! have overlhot my felfe in this which hath beene hitherto fa id, or Theoto~um,aut that it is, which I am fure Come will objecr, too phamafiicall, too light and :;:-;:~,~•at comical!for aDivine, tooJittyricall for o~e of my proflfion, I will prefume lOhriflianum. to anfwerwlth f Ji.rafmtu, m like cafe, Tls not I,but Demomtt~~,Demo• · fritru,