Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

.THE SYNOPSIS OF. In difeafes confider Sell. I, Mtm6.r. THE FIRST PARTITION. Their Cau-{Impulfive; { finne, ~oncupifcence,&c; r f... Sub[. I_. Inftrumentall;{ in~emperance, all ~cond caufes,&e: 1 1 · fOf the bo• ~Epidemicall; as Plague,Plica, &c: Or I dy 300, Or ~ which are Particular; as Gout,Dropfie,&c. I I rrn dif~fition ; as au pertarbations, evil af~ I Definition, j fcdiOn,&c. / Member, ~ I Divilion, J J Lsubfo£1. •· I Or ..( Or fOotage; I I I PhrenLie. I Madnelfe: I of the head I Extalie. . • or mindc. Habit•, as < Lycanthropt~. . . lSubj. 3 • lsubf.t· / Chorusfan~t Vrtt, HydrophobJa, · j Polfeffion or obfeffioil ofDe~ vlls. l Melancholy, See 'V: ·f its Mquivocations, in Difpolition, Improper, &c.Subfo£1.5 .' I J • • iHumours,f.Bloud,Phlegme,&c; , Memb z d (contained as " " , · To it; e~- f~~ttf I Spirits ; vitall,naturall,animall• .plication.• parts < or '~Similar;fpermatica!,or flelh,bones; digreffion I Sub f. I I , , nerves,&c. ofanatomy,< l contatntng Diffimular; braine,heart liver,&ci in w~ich j 0 . Subf.f. ' obfervc r . partsof I . 1Vegetall.Subf.5· I Sub[. 1 l Soule and his facultier,as Senfible,S~<b[.6, 7,8.' · • Rational!. Subfoll. 9-,Io,u ; 'V' l Memb, 3; Molancho- Its definition, name,ditferenee,Sub, r ; Iy: in which<The part and parties, affeded,a~dion,&c,Sub . z ; confide! I The matter ofmelancholy,natura!l,unnaturall,&c.Sttb,4; • . I { Of the head ,alone, Hy-lwith the1r feve• ~Proper to pocondriac.l!, or windy rall caufes, fymp• r Species, or parts, as melanchbly. Ofthe whole tomes , progno~ ' kmdes, Or Body fticks,cures. I which are Inaefini~e; as Love melancholy, the'fubjedof Eh~ third partmon. '· · ' j Its Caufes in generall.Sei1.2.A.' l ltsSymptvmesorlignes: S ell.3.B: . Its Prognofticks ~r indications.Sefl-4,4; · l lts Cures; thsfubJed oftbe lecond Partition; §