Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Sympfis eft hejrjl Partiticn, '{As from God immediatdy,or by fecond caufes,S,bfi/7. r. rSuptt· Or from the devil immediately, With a digreffion of the I natural! nature offpirits an~ devils, S".b z. Or mediatelybyMagicians, W1tches,Sub.3. . I fPrimary as ll:ars, proved by Aphonfme>,fignes from Phy· , .; I fio!;nomy,Metopofcopy,Cheiromancy,S~tb/4. r • I . ~Old age, temperament,Subf). 1 J fl ~ongedmfrte, Parents, it bemg an hereditary difeaU:; I ~ mwar om Subfe£1.6. l :; , Or 1 ~ r Necdfarr;fee ~ = I 1 I rNurles, Sub .. I. . ~ .; I Education, SUbfz , 51 <(or • I i, Terrors,af!Tights, Sub[. 3; A 1MI. •· Caufesof Melancholy arc either e I I lfEvident :>i I Scolfes, calumnies, bitter outward, j ~ J jell:s,Sub.4. I 1 Or rem~t~, ad- f. Lofs ofhberty, lervitude, :;,< ventttious;; <!j ~ J impri!Onmenr, Suh. 5. (Natural t:-f jas ~ !Povertyandwant.SHb.6. .g J I o j An heape of other acci- ~ Z dents, death ofli·iends, l~ Jour- Or L. l loffe,&c.S,bf.7 . :n Particular caufeo · sea.•• ~tm6.5 ; ward or rrn whi~h the body works o_n I adven- the mmd, and this malady IS titiom, I . j caufed byprecedent difeafes; I which ~ont1ngenr as agu~s, pox,&c. or tempeLarc mward,an-< rature tnnate, Suhf. r. · tecedent, I OrbyJarticular partsdifiem• l . I nearell:. I t:ere ,as brain,beart, fpleen, Mnnb. 5. liver, Mefentery, Pylorus, i LSea... L fiomack,&c. Sub,>, l Particular to rhctbrecfpccies, SecJX [Inward 'f()fhead I I Melancholy~ . are,SHb+ 1 I loutward i Ofhypo- ~Inward condnacall, ' orwindie Or melancholy are, Outward 1 1 Overall the~Inward body are, Or . lSHbf.5 • Outward ~Innate humor,or from difiemperaturt adufl. A hot braine,corrupt bloud in the braine. Excctl'e ofVenery,or defect. Agues,or fome precedent difeafe. Fu111es arifing from the fi~ack,&c. r Heat ofthe Suune immoderate. A blow on the head. I Over much ufe ofhot wines,fpices,garlicke, < onions,hot baths,ovcr much waking,&c . I Idleneffe, folitarineffe, or over much ll:udy, vehement labour,&c. l Paffions, perturbations,&c. { 'Default offpleen,belly,bowels,llomack, me- , fcntery,miferiack veines,liver,&c. Months,or hemrods ll:opt,or any other ordi- - nary evacuation .I { Thofe fix non-natural! things abufed, { Liver dillempered, ll:opped, over hot, apt to ingendermelancholy, temperature innate. iBad diet,fuppreffion ofhemrods,&c.andfuch evacuations, paffions, cares, &c. thofe ftx nou-naturall things abufed. Necelfarr