Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Synopjis ofthe firft Partition. r:&l-cad; courfe :mdhbcke,&c. Drinkc; thtcke, thinnc,fowrc.&c. I Water unckmc, milke, oyle, vineger, wine, fpices,&c. rSubftance lFiiP.l(ts i hcads,fcet, cntrall&,~at,bacon, bloud,&c. I Kindes{ Becfc, Porke,Vemfon,Harcs,Goats, Pigeons,J>ca. . cod,s,Fen-fovvle,&c. I H;crbcs,{qf filh; alllhdl-filh, h.1rd and fiimy hOt,&c. rDictof-. Filh, Of herbs; pulfc;cabb:tge,mdloos,glrlick,onions,&c. fending m< &c. All roots, raw fruits, hard and windy meatS. sub.3. I ~lit)', {Prcparin~,dre ffing,Ourpe fauccs,fahmcats,indur-atc, fowccd,fricd, as in broyled, :111 made diiTJCs, &c. I {Difordcr in eating, immoderate eati11g, or :lt un. fcafoAable times., &c. l Q.l!antity SU~(tc.:.. Cuftome,dcligHt,appetite,altered,&c.sllbfz. l:S' Rctcntionmd CVl-{Cofhvcncffe, hot baths, rwc:ating, iffilCS ftoppcd, Venus in ex.cdfc,orin Necellary cuation, sul!(-t. dcfca, phlebotomy, purgmg,&c. oufcs, as Aire; hot,cold, tcmpeftuo~s, darkc,thicke,foggy, moorifh,&c. Sub[. f. chafe fix non- Excrcifc,{Unfcafon.lble,cxoeffive, ordcfc:tlivc of body ot' mind,folitarineffe,idlenCII'e,:llife natural thmgs SUI!, 6. out of altion,&c. whicli are, j Sleep:: and waking, unfeafonable,inordinate, over much, over little, &.c.suJ.7. 6ell.:..Mem.:. , I '~Sorrovv,caufeand fymptome, SUi.4. FClie, caufe: and fympMemb.j.SeO.:.. Pai:. r ir:llci- tom: ,Sub. f. Shamc,rcfulfc,difgr.w~, .&c. Sub.6. EnviCand; I lions and pcrturb.ltJ-~ ble malice,Su!J.7. Emuhuon,iutre~,fa8:ton, de lire of rc_ve~ge, ons of the minde, Sub.B. Angera.Qufc~sult.9 · Difcomems, carcs,nufenes, ' Subf. z. With a"di- . &c.Sub. lo. grdiion of the force~ or h d fi b" . · ofimaain ti .s'u I {-Ve erncnt etrcs,am ttlon~Sub.IJ.CovctoafneJfe,~1A<tfJ and di~fi~ ~f ~[~ c?n~- ,..vpia.,Suh. 11. Lo~e of ~leafu~es, aaming incxceJfe, &c. 1 fions into .fu; P p1fu- Sub. 1 3 .De fire ofp. ratfc,pnde, vrun-gfory,&c. sub. 14,Love. '."' ·3• Lblc ?flc:1rning, fiudy~txcdl"c:,withadi~re~onofthemifery l . ofSCholais,andwnythcMufcsaremcllncholy. Sub. 1 f . ' fDody,,fll rugenion, ciudity,winde,dry bulnes,hatd belly, thicke bloud,much wlklng · heavincffcand palpttation of heart~ lcapiuginmany pla~s~&c.Sub.r . ~ · rCOmon {Fcare and lol;roW without a juft caufe,fufpition~jcaloufie, difcontem~fo--" I t? :~11 or litarineffc, irkfomneffe~ continu:ill cogitations~ rcfilcfi'cthought$~ vaine mofl: imaginations~Scc . .s'rl•f.:t. I fCclcftial influ~ccs, as \f. ~- fl · &c: parts of the body 1 hean1braine, r..: /liverJplecne,ftomad:e,&c. ·I !·< ~Sanguine are merry ft:ill~ b.aghing, plcafmt~ medit:tting g I or phfJ=;~r,fi~~hfiill::f~t~~~ic,&c. ;~ f I Hwnours Chofericke, furious, impatient, fubjeCl: to hearc and fee S <! Or ftrange apparitions,&c. ~ J ,. Bhck,folitlry,fad,they think they arc bewitchcd,de;uf,&, It I ·Or miXt ofthefc fourc humours adufl,or not adufi,infinitely varied. Symptomcs1 ~ I <{ Th . {( 11 ~- Ambitious thi~~oks himfdfc a King,a Lord; coveof mcl:mcho-- l:i . j fio~:s.~;~~rio:- _vc~<?us run~ on his money; l af~i vious_on bis-mi.:. lyarccnhcr 1 Parttcular lincl . d"((.~ fins; rchg.tous , bath rcvclattons,vtfions, 1s3 Setf-3- topriute pli m~ons~ 1 Cl· Prophet_. or troubled m ITlind;afchobronhi~ I I pcrfon:<>, . rn:, ' · . . bookr,&c, accc:mhng· J I . lto 4u. 3~1-· 1 . ~PJea{ant :tt firll, hardly difccrrred, aftervvards harlh and Contin'tlmce intolerabk,ifinvcterate. ofume. as Hcnccfom~1. FrJlfo,Dgitatio. ~he humor is make clue :.. cogitatQ loqui. J. mtc~de4 or ~egrecs, . ~· Exeqlli loq_uuta. 1 lrenmcd,&c. By fits~ or continuate~ as the objefl: varies, pbGng or I . . . . . <lifpleaGng. . . S•mpic, or:ts Jt lS mJ_xtwnh other di cafes~ Apoplexies, Gout, Cam~JM (lpp~Nhn~ &c. fothe 1.. fymptomes ;arc v:mous. s. See ~iL~t~.:..Par;