Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

FIRST THE PARTITION.. 1 Pag.x. ~SEcTION. THE FIRST MEMBER· SUBSECTION• .MallS Excellmcy, Fall, Miferies,111jirmities; The ca,.(es ofthem. AN , the moll exGel!ent and noble creature of the Mansexcel~ . World, theprincipall andmighty workeofGod, won- lency. der ofNature, asZoroaftes calls him; audacu 'natt~r« miraculum,the• marvaileofmarvailes, as Plato; the a Magnum mi- ~Abridgement a11dEpttomeofthe World, as Pltny; baculu,;;:; . Microcofmus, alittleworld, amodell of the world, m:!:.,.,y:,~ c Soveraigne Lord of the Earth, Viceroy of the Uri,.. World, ~ole Command~r and Go-:ernour ofall the ~:,:i:':::;::r creatures in it : towhofe Emptre they are fuhJeehn particular, and yeeld (Ublunaria firobedience ;farfurpallingall therefi,not in body only, hutinfoule; dima- viunr:Scalig. giniJ Imago, c create? to Gods owne: ImAge, tothatimmortall and.incor- (.":.~~~~~}·<~< poreall fuhllance,wnh all the faculues and powers belongmg unto It; was f4cr.Pitil.c. f. at firfi pure,divine, perfect, happy, g Createdafter God~~~ true ~~line/[e and;:,.~; ~:fo~/f righteoufne!fe; Deocongruens, free from all manner ofmfirmmes,and put imago,ficin in Paradife,toknowGod,to praifeandglorifie him,to doe his will, bomine'Dei. rt diu conjimilesparturiat deos; £1C::.,~~':nun,Ji (as an oldPoet faith) to propagate the Church. Butthis mollnohlecrea- inmpure, 'Dei ture, Hett trifti<, & lachrymofo commutatio (hone exclaimes) 0 pitifull ';4"'"7' , change ! is fallen from that he was, and forfeited his efiate, becomemife- Je~~~l',{i~~ in rabiliJ homlfncio,a call-away,acaitiffe,one ofthemoll: miferablecreatures imagineparva. efthe world, if he he confidered in his ownenature, an unregenerateman, f, ~~~~;,;;~;.. and fo much ohfcured hy his fall, that (fome few rdiques excepted) he is . inferiour to aheaft. i ManinhonM: that;'mderftAndelh not,u likeunto heafts ~;;~;t~i ~:,;1 tbatperijh, [oDavtd efiecme5 htm: a monller by afiupend Metamor- mif«y. A phofis,