Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.I.Secr.I. Difoafos in genmll. Memb.I.Subf.i. . z pholis, k afox, a dog, ahog, what not~ .f(gantummtttatM ab i!lo? How ~ •much altered from that he was; before bleffed and happy, now miferable f;;:;,;:,~;;._ and ac~urfed~ lfi emrifi cat hi<meat in forro•v, fubjeCl to death and all man- """·•fl• vut- ner of mfirmmes, all kmde of cabmmes. '"Great travel! u created for.!! P'.;''·f•"" Ieo· mm,and an heavieyokeonthefons ofAdam, fr'om the day that they gooflt of j'~~;;~·3'.~;G"'. theirmotherswombe, unto that day they returneto thonotherofall thmgs. m Ecd"'. 4o.1 Namely therr thottghts, andftare oftheir hearts, andtheir imagination of '•l>4•!•8· thzngs theywattfor,andthedayofdeath. From htm that jitteth inthegloA defC>·iption rwu thrDne, to hrm that jitteth beneath in the earth aHdajhes,From h1mthat of mcloncholy. ii clothedin blewJilke, and •ve,zreth acrowne, to him that i< clothed injimple linnen. Wrath,en'!lte,trouble,and unqrmtnelfe,andftare ofdeath ,andrigor, Impulfivc andjlrifo,andjiiCh things come to both man and beAjf,btttJevenfoldto therm. ;::;(;;;;:;:t',~~ god!~. All this befalshim in this life, and peradvemme eternal! mifery in hrmitics. the hfe to come. n Gcn.; . •7. Theimpulfrve caufe ofthefemiferies in man,this privationor defiruCli- ~~~~::~~~- on ofGods imag·e,thecaufc ofdeath and dileafes,ofal temporal and eterbu.~ecuffi~, ·"" nall puniihments, was the lin ofour firfi parent Adam, "in eating of the ~"" fi''"'[.'"' forbidden fruit, by the devils in!ligation and allurement. His dtfobedi- ';,~~a;~h:·4e:u enc~,pride,ambition,intemp~rance, incredulity, curiofity; from whence mm.Hrf• .op. proceeded originalllin,and that generall corruption ofmankind, as from ;,~-~~~;":!,. afountainellowed all b~d inclinations, and aCtual! tranfgreffions? which q Pf.~. <07.1 7 caufe our feverall calamlt•es,mfhcred upon us for our lins.And thts belike [\:,'0~./"'7- is that which our fabulous Poets have ihadowcd unto us in the raleof' .,d/H~Z:!!: o PAndor a's box, which being opened through her curiolity, filled the '''~tianr '"""J world full ofall maner ofdifeafes.lt is not curiofity aloni:,but thofe other ~:~J~~,t~":. crying fins ofours,which pull tbefe feveral pbgues and miferies upon our nem eumulenr, heads.For rbi peccat11m,ibi procella,as P Chryfojtome well obferves.1 Fo&ls :,::~{,~~'';;!~- by reafon ofthm tranfiref?ion, and becaufo oftheir iniq,.ities dreA(Jlitlcd. tttudo feont,i- 'Fear cometh ltkefodden defolateon,anddejl:r,.c1ton ltke awhtrle•vmd, af/li1ur,qu0d huma- c1ion andangt~ijh,becau{e theydid not fear God.f Areyou /haken with wars, ;:;;,f:~:;~:. as cyprian well urgeth to Demetrius, artyou molcj/ed with dearth and Ja- {facue1ohpecca- mine? u your health crufoedwith raging difeafos? u mankindgeneraUy tor- !"s7~:~1tJ&~· mentedwith !-Pidemica/1"}Aladies.?7tU a!Lforyourfins ,Hag. 1.9,~o . Am_os I pcrptuviade- Ier. 7· God lS angr)l, punt!herh,and threameth, bccaufe ofthetrob!lmafien.lar,Ji teera cy and fiubbornneffc, they will not turne unto him. If theearth be barrm ~;;;:;,:'/vix thenfor want ofraine,ifdry and fqt~allid,it yeeldno fruit,ifyo~~r fountaim be je)u""' 0' pal- dried"f,your wine, corne, and oyle b!ajfed, ifthe ayre becorrupted, andmen ~~z~~~:."' ;;:- troubledwith diftafrs,'tu by reafonofyourfins :whic? like the bloud of Abet Juca~,fi ,£,,, cry loud to heaven for vengeance,Lament. 5. r 5 .T,;atwe haveJimud,ther- "vineam ddili-fore orer hearts are heavie,I{:t.59·l t,xz.Weroare like Bears, andmo11,rnlike ~~;;,,~.n~·. Doves, andwant health,&c. for our {ins and tre(pajfes. But this we cannot x PhUoflw"' endure to heare,orto take noticeot,Ier.z. jo.Wrarefmitteninvaine, and ;;~;~:;~';~f:f: receive no correaion ;andcap.5. 3 .'Thouhaftjlricken them, but they havenot am eju.~& fee- forrowed,they have refo{ed to receiVe correc1tou, they have not returned. Pelee•t"'nupticu, jfilence he /Jath fint, but they have not turned to hzm, Amos 4· u Herod p";;,;:;~:~/~£ could not abide John Baptijl, nor x Domzti.an en.dure vlpoflonius to mmfmear, tell thecaufes of the plague at Ephe(t•s, hts lllju!hce, inccft, adultery, (.,~r;;;~~:l eau- and the like. To