Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

94 Mr. Baxter's Sermon, reeling,like Lots wife,leokingback& always upon everyoccafion ready to repent: you have been Believers; little things perplex and trou- ble you; little tribirlations and affliEtions dilcompoCe and difturb you, liter: temptations makeyou queftion the Scripture, the Provi- dence 0160d, his love and care of his people,and the great founda- tions ofReligion : Foundations feem to shake, becaafe you are (ha- king and tottering, &c. And what, is like to become of fuch a lout ! IfthouBandit fbaking under Chian temptations for want,ofconfir- mation, what wilt thou do when a Papift or Qitaker (hall fo fpeak concerning Relirion,which thou art not ableto anfwerland fo the fureft foundationTeems nothing when thou haft fo weak hold: our greateft afili6tions next to the mifery of the ungodly, is to think of our weak ones,what will become ofthem ? and verily we do expea a confiderable part ofour Congregation fhould becarried away, thole that are Chrijlians and know not why, yet have not humility enough to make tire ofothers, and to keep dole to thole that fbould affft them : Remember when you fee filch times, when feducers are able to fay the worst, (hall make the ftrongeft aflaults on the weak ones, how many will be like to fall? Again, ficknefs, death, dying times will come when you (hall find alittle grace will not eafilydo your work ; and though you perifb not, yet you may faint, and to your forrow find the want ofconfirmation. You cannot but know how the ftrongeft are put to it in trying hours, or at death. Will flack unfettled hopes of another life, filch diftempered hearts fight and encounter with fuch tryals.? Never think of dying comfortably, if you follow not after confirming grace. 16. Jr fhould humble you the more, that you have been fo long, fomany years in the School ofChrift, and love God, &c. no bet- ter. Should not yOu in this Apprentifhip havelearned better your Religion, and been Teachers of others, when perhaps, if in the principles youare affaulted, you will (how your weaknefs as loon as any ? May not Chrift fay, Have Ibeen fo long time withyou, and yet have youknoxn, liv'd, &c. no better ? reached no higher, attained no further ? weakling ftill ? Nay confider in this time what advan- tage have you had for growth ? A tree planted on a barren wilder- nefs, may not grow fo much-as in a fruitful place 5' but you have had the plenty and power of the Ordinancesof God, the choiceft of the means and helps of falvation. 17. Confider, the nature of true Grace tends to this : will you crofs the nature ofit ? (hall we be filch weaklings in R.eligion,which crofs fo the nature of Grace? for Grace the more it is exarcifed, the more it encreafes. is Hea-