Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Auguft 17. 1662. 9-g* that can love every Chriflian, and not a party only, with the pure and fervent love which belongs to Believers : that can love every child of God, and not tholeonly that are of his opinion, or have done him good, but all becaufe they arechildren of God, with fincere and (pedal hearty love : That is the weak Chriftian that picks and chtes, that is staggering when he comes to loving an enemy : that takes in thole that agree with him in judgement, and makes thole alma: only the obje& of his love ; that would confine his affeCtions toCome narrow fociety, fome little feet, party, or par- cel of Believers, and cannot love Chriftians as Chriflians : And hence it is, divifion is the effeEt of enmity, or of weaknefs in grace for want of the univerlality of love. I would make no queftion to ,prognoffick the healing of all divifions within this Na- tion, could I but advance all that are concerned in it to the right temper of Chriftian love. 'Tis-the weak children in Chrifts family that falls out, when we have not enough love-to reach to all, and to love a Chriftianas a Chriftian, &c. . Q9eft. What mulf be doneby thofe that are converted to keep them where they are, to help them untogrowth,to make them better, to fur- ther their confirmation, tofecure their falvation,, that they may after all attain the Crown? . Anf. I (hall leave with you twenty DireEtions ; and as many as there are, there are not more then you muff practice ; and take them as if they were the laft Di reClions I fhould give you ; and take them as pra&icals, not as notionals, that you _muff - live upon as Jong as you live. . See that the foundation he foundly laid in your headand heart. in matters of your Religion. In your head, i. e. that you well un- derftand what Religion is, what the Chriftian Religion is : what God is : what it is for God to beyours, in his Attributes and Re- lations unto you : what he is, and will be untoyou : what you are, and muff be unto him : what in is, how odious, wherein it's evill confifts : what is fin, and what nor : what fin hath done in the world, and what Elate it hath brought tranfgreffors into : what Chrift is, what he bath done for mans recovery and redemption ; what he hath wrought, gives and offers to the world : The end and clefign ofGod in the work of mans redemption : The tender ofthe Gofpel- Covenant ofgrace, freenels, largenefs, and excellency of thegrace of this Covenant : The end of our Religion : the ever- lafting glory that is' revealed in the Gape], what it is, how lure, and how great. When you underftand thefe things get a foundand radicated belief concerning theTruths of the holy Scripture re- 0 2 vesting