Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

I 20 Dr. yaeoinb's after-noonSermon, frailgo with thee, Mofes laid unto him, it is well thou art pleafed to promife fo great a mercy ; If thy pretence go not with me, carry us not hence : for whereinAall it be known that I and thypeople havefound grace in thy fight ? Is it not in this that thou goei with us Obferve, Mofes pleads with God, how his favour, and love, and mercy thould - be with them, unlefs he were prefent with them ? and fo God, he walks with his people in trouble ; for how fhould the world fee God regarded them, anddid favour them, !inlet's he manifefted his pre- fence unto them in a time of trouble and atiiiaion ?. 4444+442+44++++++++44++44+++++4+++++++++ Dr. yacomb's after-noon S E P. M0N. Joh. 8. 29. Andhe that fent tne is with me : the Father bath not left me alone : for I do always thole things that pleafe him. Was upon there words in the morning, having fpoken fomething to them as they refer to Chrift, who Crake them here of himfelf, I then byought them down to his members, believers : and Co pro- poundThis obfervation from them, that whoeiier they are that defire to pleafe Sod, to do the things that arepleating to him, God will be with fuel", and the father will not leave fuch alone, erpecially ina time ofpil- fering and trouble. In the profecuting of this point, I fpake to four things which I (hall now repeat, but come to the mark which I in- tend at prefent, and that is, to make fore application. I. Let me en- deavour to prevail with every one ofyou fo to carry your felves in your feveral places and capacities, that whatever you do you may pleafe God. It was a bleffed teflimony that was given of Enoch, Heb I T. 6. Before his tranflation he had this teffimony, that hepleafed God. Oh ! how happy will they be at the great day of judgement, who !hall be tingled out by Chrift, before Angels and Men; and Chrift hull fay of them, this was the Man, or this was the Woman that pleafed God ! There is a great deal ofpleafing in the World, but there are but very few that make this their bufinefs, to plea fe God ; therefore I would have you (hull that which is- flfill, and prefs after that which is matter of duty. - I. There are Tome that mind nothing but to please themselves, to promote their own intereft, to love their own eafe, to indulge themselves in their own carnal delights; but they never mind the good of others, or the pleating of God, the Apoffle (peaks of and againft theCe, R 15. 1, 2, 3 2. There ar e others that look no further than the pleating of men;