Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

124 .Dr.jacomb's after-noon- Sermon, -unto-them when I depart from them. What are all the mercies ifGod God leave you ? no more then if a man fhould have a fair ple 2fant houfe, and never fee the fun more. Oh do the things that alwayes pleafe the Lord, andhe will never leave you, and then your mercies (hall be very fweet,and your affli- &ions (hall not be very bitter;you know how earneft Mofes was,Ntvn. 1.0. 31. with his Father-law,Hobab the Midianite leave us not Ipray thee,forafinuch as thou knowett how we are to encamp in the wilder- neffe,and thou mayeji be to us as eyes. Oh keep God to you, erpecially when you are entringiato the wilderneffe of troubI2 : God will be to you inftead of eyes ; he will be your Counfellour, , your Corn- fotter,your Guide, your Treafure, your Portion , your All. I might add one thing more in the left place. Study to pleafe God,becaufe he is fo eafie to be pleafed; this is a motive to us to endevour to pleafe thole perions who are eafie to be pleafed a Child that hath a Father that is eafie to be pleafed, a fervant that hath a Mailer that is eafie to be pleafed , will ftudy to pleafethem.Sincerity plealethGod,though in the midft ofmuch in- firmity: He is lo gracious & merciful,that whereloever a poor fanner Both but delire to pleaieGod,he wil accept ofthole defires,ifwe can but pleafe God, it is no great matter whether we pleafe men or not. I (hall conclude this branch with t Tbef.4. i. Webefeech you bre - tbren,and exhort you in theLordiefus,that as youhave receivedof us how you ought to walkandpleafe God,that you would abound more and more. Vfe 2. By way of direaion,I fhould here (hew you how you are to pleafe God. I told you in general in the morning , this pleating ofGod lieth in two things. I. In filitableneffe to his Nature. 2. In filbjeecion to his Law, Ifyou would pleafe God in all your anions , look to this , That what you do may bear fame refemblance to his nature , and hold fcrth obedience to his Law. Confult the will of God, and in all things a& in conformity to that will; donot allow your (elves in the commiflion of any known fin,for that will certainly difpleafe God: as it was Paid ofDavid when he tookBathlheba towife : but faith the Text, the thing difpleafed the Lord. Do not bank any eeeknown duty,for that will difpleafe God., In a word, be holy in all manner ofconver Cation. This being too general,I (hall not infift upon it only in a word more particularly. Do thole things now: make coal-cienteof thole Duties which now lye upon you,in the doing of whit you will certainly pleafe God : And they are Inch as theft :. ----1111/1