Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Dr. Bates's Frayer, that are within us,for our whole lives arefull ofprovocations againflGod. How many vain thoughts,and how many rebellious aRionsl Blefred Fa- ther we confefs we are out of. mearmre finful : we have finned againfi the clearj conviElons of thy word, and the tender compafflons of thy Gofpel, againg the molt fevereprotnifes we have made of our fertice to God, a- gainif the checks ofour own conrcienceJ ; We confefs, the fins ofthe hea- thens who live without God in the world , are ftnall in comparifon of ours, andwefear therefore a greater degree of wrath will fall upon us. Oh Lord, how many wayes hail. thou Plied to reclaim us ? what Arts bath thy bleffedSpirit tiled? how many times half thou approached to our fouls, and us fotnething ofthy glory, and theglory of Heaven, and the terrors of Hell ! the one to allureus, and the other tofcare us. But oh, howmany times have we grieved thy bleffed Spirit who came tofoal us ; and delpifed thy Son who came from Heaven to Earth and lived aforrowful life and died a jhanzeful death ! how often bath he of- feredusgrace andglory ifwe wouldbow to his Scepter ! but we havepre- ferreda bafe luli before that excellency that he haspurchafedus ; oh how often hall thou condefcended fofar, as to intreat us to be reconciled ! how eafie hail thou been to forgive us,and howhardhave we been to beforgiven. We confefs thou mightell pafs an eternal doom upon us 5 for we are fenfible of the dilhonour that we havebrought upon thy name. Do thou at this time jirike upon all there rocks, that are in thy pre - fenceat this time ; give us hearts offiefb, let our repentance prepare us for converfion ; let there befucka thorax. convi5Iion that thy grace and mercy may be admirable in our eyes. We intreat thee hear us, pardon all our iniquities, let us be monu- ments of thy grace andfavour ; Deak peace to our confciences, convey thofe clear evidences of thy love into 1151 that may inable us to fcatter all ourfears, that we may rejoyce in God, and have hope ofglory. Let the Image of thy Son be engraven in all our hearts, and let our fouls be maderubjeti to him ; while we are in the world, preferve cts from the evil of it. If thougive us outward happinefs, give us withal inward holinefs;and ifwe do fuffer,help us with patience to bear all, knowing we are in our journy, and our paffage to a better life ; and let our whole time be fpent in a ferious preparation toappear before thy tribunal, and let us confider theunchangeableners of that_gate hereafter. Remember thy whole Church, male the name of Chrifi glorious in the world, fhed abroad thy light andthy truth ; healour bac12,-Ilidings,and love us_freely : Let thine Ordinances continue antongfl us, and let thy biding defcend upon our Soveraign Lord the King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender ofthefaithInclinehis heart to thy Law, make