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3 44444+4444444444444444444444/44044+444443 His SERMON: 2 Sam. 24. 14. And David laidunto Gad, Iam in a greatTrait : let us fall now into the handof the Lord(for his mercies aregreat) and let menot fall in- to the hand ofman. IN which words we have three parts. I. Davids great perplexity and diffrefs;Iam in a greatflrait, 2. Davids Refolution. . x. Affirmative, Let usfallinto the hands of the Lord. 2. Negative, Let me notfall into the hands of man. 3. We have theReafon ofDavids choice, for the mercies of Godare great. The mercies of wicked men are cruel ; therefore let me not fall into the hands of men : but the mercies of God are many and great; therefore let us now fall into thehands ofGod. x. For the firft, that is, Davidds great diftrefs, wherein we muff fpeak, T. To the diftrefs it felf: Then 2. To the perfon thus perplexed : I am in d great firait : David a great man, Davida godlyman. i . In the perplexity it felf we fhall confider. i. The reality of this perplexity. 2. The greatnefs of it. I. For the reality of it : after David had finned in nurnbefing, the people, God fends the Prophet Gad to him, and puts three things to his choice, as you may read in verfe 12. God was deter- mined tomake David fmart for numbering the people, but leaves it toDavids liberty,whether he would have feven years famine,or three moneths to flee before his enemies, or three dayes peflilence.: This was a poling quellion, and David had cattle to be in a great ftrait ; for theie obje&s are not aimable in their own nature, they are ob- jeers to be avoided and declined ; in the firif view of them they Teem to be equally miferable, therefore David had cattle to fay he was in a ftrait. B 2 2. This.