Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

L4` Ur. Watfon'sforensonSermon, vour,fo there was a vertue in it to reftore tous Gods Image. And the account of his dying for us it is, that we mull expe& the leaft de- greeofgrace and holinefs from God. And this is the reafon why the Apoftle prefaces this, Now the God of Peace, &c. I know yon expeEt I Mould fay fomething,. as to my non-confor. trky. onely fay thus much, It is neither fancy, fa6tion nor humour, that makes me not to comply, but meerly for fear of of. fending God. And if after the bell means u Ced for my Illumina- tion, as prayer to God, difcourfe, {Indy, I am not able to be fa- tisfle'd concerning the lawfulnefs of what is required ; if it be my unhappinefs to be in ,error, furely men will have no reafon to be angry with me in this world, and I hope .God. will pardon me in the next. 4444+4+444+141444444-044444 4444++0444 Mr. wa tfon's forenoon SER MO N. His Prayer. Lord God, all our rprings are in thee, It is good for us to draw nigh to thee through fella Chriff ; Thou art allfulnefs, the quin- re 'emcee' all fweetnefs, the Center of all bleffednels,thou art the Father of our,Lord jelus Chriff, and in hint our Father, thou art our light, thou givei us thefeblefred opportunities of enjoying Communion with thy felf, God bided for ever. There mercies are forfeited mercies, we have abuied the bleffings of thy hale,. we egrieved thy bleffed fpirit therefore it is juit with thee to deprive to of there comforts, and make,us 12,.now the,wortb ofthefe Mercies by the want of them. Lord, we degre to judge our felves, that we may not be condemned with theworld ; righteous art thou 0 Lord, and jPgi in all thy judge- ments 5, we confefs we are unworthy to have any converfe with fo holy a.God; we arepolluted duji and ajbes, not worthy to tread thy Courts ; and it is of thy mercy that we are not confumed, how often have we pluckt fruit froin,the forbidden Tree? we have finnedprefuniptuoufly again 11 the eleareji Light, and the dear e;i loz)e,.alwayes ha e wefinned ;thy footfteps have dropt fatnefs, thou haft (hown mercy to us, but the better thou haft been topv_the-worfe we haVe been,to thee ; thou haft loaded us with thy mercies, andwe have wearied thee with ourfins ; whenwe look into our felves,, oh thepoifon ofour natures.; what ever the Leper did touch,was unclean ; thus do we by our fpiritual leprofie infe6i our Holy things ; our Prayers had need have pardon, and our Tears 1?ad need have the blood of (prink ing