Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

154 Wation's afternoon Sermon, above all the lumbar in the worldias they Paid ofKingDavid,thy life is worth ten thoufand of ours 2 Sam.' 8. 3. fo is a godly man above a wicked man, God he will give Kingdoms to ranlom his Saints, Ifa. 43. 3. Igave Egypt for thy ranfom,Ethiopia and Seba for thee : and thus Could , we fet the higheft rate upon the Saints of God for that is to love them. Secondly, We muff chow our love to all the Saints of God, by vindicating of them, when they are traduced and flandered ; its a great fin to flander a, Chriftian, its to go topollute Chriffs Image: the wicked their throats a reopen Sepulchres , to bury the names of the righteous in ; now you that are Chriftians, muff net be rea- dy to receivea ladle and grOundleffe report of a Saint , but rather vindicate them, for that is to love them. Thirdly, We thew our love to the Saints, by praying for them; you know not what good your prayers may dohem Nlinifters matt pray for their people, and the people muff pray for their Mini- ffers ; for prayer commands God hinifelf, Ifa. ets'. i r.. prayer is that golden Key that unlocks the Heavenly Treafury of Gods bow- els. Oh pray onefor another ; we lhould not ftrive one with another _ (as its too frequent) but pray one for another ; that is to love your brethren. Fourthly, Shew your love bybeing ready according toyour abi- lities to relieve their wants, to love another , is to be a well-wither to him , and to do all the friendly offices we can one for ano- ther ; there are, my beloved, many ofthe dear fervants of God in the Miniffery, that have been already reduced to milery and want , and abundance more are like to be reduced to great necer- tides ; Now I beseech you to Chew your love to the Houthold of Faith , for that is a fin of your true love to God, and to the Brother-hood, that when as Myrrh drops freely from the Tree, fo works oftnerey drop freelyfrom the heart. If feats Chrift fhould ffand in the -mnift ofthis Congregation, and fay,jheauotdr love torat byyour goodworks I believe no heart here would be Co hard as to deny Jens ; Why, Remember, whatfoever you give; Miniffers , and to his Members , -he takes it as given to himfe f. That i the fecond, Our love muff extend to all Saints. Thirdly , Our love muff reach to our enemies , we muff love them that do not love us, Luke. 6. I. Loveyour enemies ,dogood to them that-if:ateyoui con fers,a mortal enemyl would be loth to make a bo-- come friend.But thoughPolicy teacheth us not to trufl our enemies, yet Piety teacheth us to love them; Chrift, he did pray for his e- nemies