Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

156 Mr. Watfon's fore-noon Sermon, Duties, Sermons, Prayers, and Sacraments; its a little gall im- bitters a great deal of honey : fo where there is a little of this gall of malice and hatred, it imbittereth and fpoileth all the honey of your Graces andDuties.The Apoftle bids us in'prayer to lift up pure hands without wratb,iTiln.V 2.1willtherfore that men tray everywhere, lifting uppure hands without wratb and doubting.Waa-t theApoftle fpea. keth of the duty of Prayer, I may fay of the Lords Supper ; when you come to receive the body and blood of theLord. Lift up pure hands without malice, bitternefs and wrath. That is a fad 1Peeeh ofAmplin, he that is full of wanker and maliceu, he is a man-gayer.. Nay, the Apoftle faith it in the firft Epiftle of John 3. z 5. whofoever hatetb his brother is a murderer, andyeknopp no murderer bath eternal life abiding in hint ; do not think this Ordinance will profit you, if youdo not come in love to the Saints;fuppole a man d mketh down poyfon, and afterwards takethdown a Cordial, Surely this Cordial will do him but little good, fo thou that drinkeft down the poifon ofwrath and malice into thy foul, and comeft afterwards to drink dOwn the Cordial of Chrifts blood in the Sacrament, why certainly this cordial will do thee but little good. Exhortation. Therefore to conclude by way ofEXhortation,I be- leech you in the Lord,that you would remember this Text this day; when you come to the Lords Table, read over this lefron, A new cornmandnent Igive unto you, that ye love one another as I have loved you; come to the Sacrament in love toChrift Teats, and in love one to another ; be not full of bitternefs, but f ll of bowels; the primi- tive Saints were of one heart; you all expe& I know one Heaven, and will not yoube ofone heart.? this I believe is a great reafbn,why the Sacrament bathno more profited many receivers ; you know if there be a ftopping at the ftomack, the meat taken,it will never con- e7&: and notarial ; why thou that haft wrath and anger, and malice thy heart, there is an obffru6tion as it were, at thettomack, and therefore it is that the bread of life cloth not nourifh thy foul. Why Chriftians, are not we all Souldiers under one Regiment ? tin- der jefs Chrift the Lion of the Tribe ofyn dada, andcaptain ofour Salvation Are not we all branches of the fame Vine ? and are we not all members of the fame body ? and [hall there be a fchilm or rent in the body ? I (hall only fay this ewe should all do as the Serpent ; Naturalifis obferve the Serpent, that before he goeth to drink at the waters, he calls up his poyfon ; fo before you come to the Table of the Lords Supper, calf, up your poyfon of bitternel,,, wrath, and malice, and then Ch riffs blood will be both a Medicine to heal you, and a julip, to refrefh you. Mr,