Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Augur 19. 1662. 175 And thus you fee it will be well with the righteous. However things b ao 5 though troublecome, though death come, yetit will go well with the righteous. And oh let thole that are the people of God, comfort thenirelves in thefe words ; oh what an incourageme nt is this to all you that hear me,to begin to be righteous:this Text may tempt us all tobe Godly, Say unto the righteous , it 'hallbe well with him : when things are never fo ill with him, yet it 16 well with him. We would be glad to have things go well within our relations, and in our eflates ; why ? when the righteous things go well with us, thy perfon is fealed,thou art heir ofall Gods promifes,thou art thrifts favourite, thou haft heaven in reverfion, and is it not now well with thee ? if you would have happineffe,you muff elpotife ho- liners., Sayunto the Righteous it fhall be well with them. And thus much of their propofition, the godly mans comfort in life and death, it is wellwith him. But now if all this will not prevail with you, to you leave your fins, and become righteous; I mull paffe in a few .words to the next branch of the Text to fcare men out of their fins, to affright men out of their wickedneis ; wo unto the wicked, it than be ill with him. This my beloved is the dark fide of the cloud. It may tante in every wicked man that hears me,. a trembling at the heart. Wo. unto the wicked, it fhall be ill with him. Thepropofition that doth refillt out of the words, is this. Doti. When thingsTeem to be well with the -wicked men, it (hall: be ill with them at WI, though they have more theiiheart can with, yet it (hall be ill withthem at la-ft, Ecclefiaft. 8. 13. It fhall not be wellwith thewicked,, nor fhall he prolong his days which are as a fhaddow, becaufe he fears not God ; it fhall not be well with the wicked, the God of truth bath pronounced this. It is true as God is true, it [hall not be well with the wicked. Now that I may a little clear this to you, I fhall dernonftrate this to you in thefe four particulars. i. It is ill with the wicked in thislife. 2. It IS ill with them at Death: 3. It is ill with them at the day of Judgement. .. It is ill with them after judgement ; it than be ill with the- Wicked. I. It is ill with the wicked in this life ; awicked man that hears me, will hardly think fo ; when he hath affluence,. and confluence ofoutward. comforts;when he eats the fat, and drinks the, he will.