Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

P 6 Mr. Cafe`s Sermon. many turnings.and windings; . but there's the belt motion of 'all, when the Soul (w' th theDove)returns to God,from whom it came. Apoftacy is the lots of our firti love: Repentance is the Recovery of it, and Reformation is the doing of ourfiot works. I have not time to enlarge as I defire I (hall onely offer a few things, that Might help to quicken you to this great duty. My Brethren, wehave no great caufe toboaft ofEnglands 351 love: Never Co good as it fhould be : yet many can remember when Eng, land hath been much better then tis. Time was, when Do&rines have been more found : Difcipline more exercifed for the fhpprefling of fin and p tofanefs : Ordinances kept more pure from finful mixtures : when London kept Sabbaths better then now : loved their Godly Minifiers more then now : ho. nored them that were let over her, for their works fake : would have thought nothing too good for a faithful Minifter : when Chriftians loved one another with a dear, hearty fervent love : when there was leis complement, but more real love and affe&ion among Chri- Itians-: when Chriftians improved their meetings, Converfe, Chri. {Ilan Conference, and other foul duties to better purpofe then now: not to foola diflitations, or wanton fenfual excels, but to their mutual edification : when they improved their times for compa- ring their evidences, communicating their experiences, and build- ing up one another in their molt holy faith : when there was more Ind uftry in Profeffors then now, to bring in Converts; when private Chriftians thought it their duty to be fhbfervient to the work of their Minifters, tobring in others to Chrift, efpecially their family. Time was when more careof young Converts then now : when none could have looked out after Religion, but fome or other ready to lend them their hand, and thew them the way, explaining it .Clearly to them : but now young converts may be inapt into fepa. rations and error, and none looks after them. Time was when more care of the truely godly poor; when error was more odious when Popery was more hated then now when thename of a toleration would have made Chriftians to have trem- bled; when Chriftians were better acquaintedwith their Bibles : when more time fpent in fecret prayer : when more tender ofone anothers Names and Honours, would heal one anothers Reputati - ons, and would Cpread the lap of charityover thofe mifreports and fcandals that might be caft upon them : when Chriftians rejoyced more in one anothers good, and mourned in one anothers fhffer- ings: when Chriftians did more earneftly contend for the faith once delivered to the Saints, &c. Oh