Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Auguli 17. 166. 5 It is through thy belo'ed Son that we are accepted, and therefore to that endbring us to him by a laving operation on thy part, andby our lively truji through the Covenant of thygrace onour part 5 let there be fuch a unity between Chrift and us, that all the power of Hell may not be able to feparate us from thee 'peak peace to our hearts, dill our con- fciences, fay,Ihave received a Sacrificeforyou 5 that my veryjuliicefball lefriondyou; 'will be J and faithful to forgiveyour finsoy law is fully fulfired by another, though broken byyou; my il4like is fu:y fatisfied by another,though provokedbyyou ; my wrath is ceafed by the means of an- other, though incenfedbyyou. 61, Lord, what a cordial would this be ! canfl not thou amongfi this great multitudeofpeople,efpy fame that through the Spirit efthySon,would worlhip thee in thine own way : fpeakpeace to every fuch foul. Is there any foulbefore thee, 0 Lord, to whom thou haft given the grace ofdefire, 0 Lordgive them grace according to their defire : and thou which didfl regardus when we were running from thee, do not rejea us now we are drawing neer thee; and thou which bidfl us believeby the commandof thy Word, help us to believe by the operation of thy Spirit, draw us that we may be able tofollow thee ; thy loving kinthiels is better then life. Some do jay, Who will thew us any good ? but Lord lift thou up the light of thy countenance uponus, and that will gladour hearts more then in the timewhen increafeth Corn, or Wine, or Oyl. Let it be fair above head,when it is durty below; let us fee one contrary in another,let us con- fute an eye offenfe with an eye offaith,and when we come to fee nothing 'here that cangratifie ourfenfes, let us have fomething to quiet our fouls. We wouldfain be at war withfin, thatwe may be at peace with thee ; though we cannot return as much as we have received, yet help us to re- turn as much as we can: give us repentance unto life, repentance from deadworks : a mourning fargreaterfor the remembrance of fin, then we hadpleafure in the committing offin, tholefecret dillempers inour fouls, that no eye fees but thine, let us cry out, wretched men that we are, who (hall deliver us from thisbody of fin And as the fear of con- demnation decreafe, fo let the fear of tranfgreffion inereafe : andbecaufe, 0 Lord, that thou haft not made us tobleed with thy greatnefs, 0 Lord, make us to blufh with thy goodnefs : let us as truly defire that heaven wouldenter intous in the way of holynefshere, as we defire to enter into heaven in the way of happinefs hereafter. Let us fee that ourkindnefs to fin, is cruelty to our Saviour; let not that live quietly one minute with us, that would not let Chriff live : let us fee there is nothing final!, by which the great God is offended, and an im- mortal foul is damned ; we are to be in the worldbut for a while, to take_ a turn or two, and begone : on that we might make it thebufinefs of our FA 2 life: