Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

TreaihedAuguill7. 1661. 6,` then : and God will have a Name among his people on earth : A man may as well attempt to blow out the light of the Sun with a pair ofbellows, or batter it with Snow-balls, as to root the Church out of the world : for it is impoIlible to root Chrifts Church out of the world.' And if you take notice of particular Believers, it is not confumed in a way of hurting, and deftroying them : And confider, their graces are not confumed, their welfare is not de- ilroyed : this fire cannot burn them up, though it burn upon them : But as he will mitigate and allay the hue, fo as that it (hall not de- creale their ffrength, fo he will cleanfe his people by the fire, fo as that it (hall burn up nothing but their drofs,. and what makes them offenfive unto God, and what may make them hurtful one to ano- ther. But I pals by thefe things to the fecond general Part, viz. 2. Mofes care to obferve Gods admonition, That he would turn afide.and fee this great fight, why the bulb was not burnt. Maces was an excellent Naturalift, and yet here he was poled; he could fee no 'Talon in nature by all the learning ofthe Egyptians, how this thing fhould come to pals, that a flaming fire fhould be in a brittle bulb, and yet the bulb not confumed : And yet I do not conceive ( as fome Jefuitical Expofitors upon the place do) that Moles did turn afide to much out of chriofity, as to underftand what it was that God did intend by it, and would have him to learn by it. And doubt. lets when Gods works are great, our oblervations fhould not be fmall ; when his providence is eminently lifted up, we fhould not be call down ; when the hand of God is upon us, 'we mutt not (hut our eyes. I am very far from being a Phanatick,and to give credit, or to be led by unfcriptural revelations; but yet let me tell you, the times wherein we live are orange times, in regard of firange fights andapparitions; and I queftion ifthere have not been fomeas won- derfull as this in our tames, but I (hall riot now mention them ; though it be a forfeiture ofyour modefly, to give a reaCon for them, yet they do portend fome ftrange things the.hand of God is not to be negle&ed, though it cannot be perfe&ly conceived ; and it is the nature of a wicked man to have Gods works far out of his fight ; be flare to lay them up in your hearts : And thus far you may take notice of them, To waft the God that hath all the Elementarie Metecrs in his power, and at his command ; and this learn, to tremble anddread before that God that bath you in his power, and can do with you, and all other things as he pleales: 3. You have here confiderable, the Admonition of God or the Monitory Precept God layes down to Mofes, i. e. he forbids him to draw nigher, and then bids him topull off his fhoes : the realon of the former will be eafily underflood in the opening of the latter ; K2