Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

preached Augufl 17. 1662. 69 wile quicken and fortifie the inward graces of our fouls, by the out- ward geffures of the body, (etpecially in Prayer) as kneeling, and liftingup the hands, uncoveriii..; of the head, and the like : for the pretence of God is great, and its the prefence of the great God in- deed; we that are not onely by the Law ofCreation, fo infinitely below him, but alfo in regard of that illegal Law offin, fo much a- gainff him, fhould teffifie our humility before him, andfubjetlion to him, when he calls for it by our reverence. 2. The Reafon by which this is backt, Becaufe the place whereon Mofes didfland was holy, ground, The meaning 1 take to be this, It is holy in regard of that vilible and miraculous token, frnbol, and fign of his preCence, that is here diicovered in this place; not be- caufe the place was (as I do notunderftand how any place is) of its own nature holy, but God did teffifie, that that place being the place of his fpecial .Prefence , had thereby a holinefs, there be- ing now a fign given by God to Mofes, that he was extraordinarily, and miraculoufly there.And thus I have opened the fecond Branch, whereon this injun&ion was backt, This place was holy ; fo it was then. Now I do not underffand how I can difcourfe of this fo profi, tablyunto you, concerning the holinefs of places,unlefs we take no, tice of the holinefs of places now in the time of the Gape', and confider, whether, arid how, in thee times, one place may be Paid' to be holy or holier than another. And truly I am not put on this employment willingly, nor the handling of this filbjcia; and if it were not extorted. from me by fomething, 1 do not fay that I have Veen, but that I have read, that was written by men, and thofe none ofthe meaneli neither, the learnedil of the Papifis, I fhould not novv- have choien to have entred upon this task, concerning the holinefs of places, in oppofition to whom, I have eared upon this difcourfe..?- I will give you expreffions, which one of devouteff,and the other ofthe ieenedfi of them hath,; the learnedit of them, occonnted fo at leafs (though,. bleed be God, his weapons have not been formi- dable to the Church-) is Bellarinine, his words are thefe, Tetnplura confecranhoz merito venerabile & divina vertute prxditum elf, The Temple conlecrated is deservedly holy, and venerable in worthip and endowed with divine.virtue and efficacy; theTemple ought to be looked upon as honourable and venerable. And for the other, iOurandus he tells t1F,. So great is the Religion and:Holinefs of Chur, ches, that thofe things .fhoi,ild be, and may be forbidden to be done in them, (he means perpetually, or elle he laid nothing, for we grant as much) which in other places may duly and lawfully be done. In,the handlity, of this Qleftion, How, we areto judge andconceive