Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Trucked Atiguit 17. 1662. 7 5 1. God comma+ids, that =filch a .Houfe, and itch a Tabernacle (hall be built, and this had been unlawful to do, had icnot been commanded. 2. He direas the manner and the mode, and that all things Mould exaaly 'be done according to the pattern in theMount. And, 3.G od loth command it thould be in Inch aplace,in the thrething floor ofAmiga, the jebufite, and that place that hitnfelf had chola'. 4. He commands that he will be ferved in thee places peculiar- ly, rather then in any other place; he would not have thele places changed for others. Herein this place typified Chrift, one that is only able tomake-our cervices acceptable. Hence it is laid, Exod. 23: 17. Three fives in theyear all the.Males ,/,hall appear before the Lord. And flits 27. the Eunuch there went unto that place that God had commanded. 5. He cloth command, that he would have thefe places reveren- ced, and no civil employments riled there when the holy Service was doing, and that after the Service was done, at that very time the place fhould be only for God. 6. And lafily, He annexed a promife unto that place,thathe would accept ofa duty done there, rather than in any other place, even becaufe it was done there; hence theyprayed in the Temple, ra- ther than in their private houfes, LaiAe 2. 27. and when they could not be prefent, by reafon ofGods providence in theTemple, ifthey dobut look to the City & the Temple, God accepted of their duty, 'Kings 44.48. So that God did promife, that that place that he had inflituted for his worfhip and fervice, that the fervice performed there, fhould be more acceptable to him than elfe-where. This thews the reafon and foundation of a places holines, the precept of God, and the promife and pretence of God. And thus I have opened to you the fecond thing. Now having thus explained and opened theQpeftion toyou; 2. I come to reolve thequeftion, according towhat I think in my confcience to be the TruthofGod ; and this I than do twoway-es. a. By granting that whichmutt not be denied. 2. By denying what mull not be granted. a. By granting what muff not be denied; and here 'I grant wil- lingly theTe four things. a. That in the time of theGoftel ; it is not onely lawful, but it is often very commendable and neceffary, to defign and dedicate places unto God. Nowwhen 1 fay, it is lawful to defign them, and to dedicate them. I pray you bare me witnefs, I do not fay it is law. ful to.confecrate them, or to fanaify them ; but I fay, it is lawful to L 2 deign,