Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Augu( 17. 1662. 77 in an ordinary and civil way done in them ; and our fervices are not more acceptable for the place, nor the places lefs holy became of thole civil employments. There is the firft conceffion, that in the time of the Gofpel there may be a defignment and dedicationof places, and it is not only lawful, but commendable. 2. I grant, that in times of the Gofpel, Tome places are to have Religious fervices performed in them, rather than in other places ;. I mean,places ofnatural conveniency and fitnels for the meeting of people together, whereby they may be free from diflurbance, from the violence of enemies, and from tempefluousweather. As publick meetings, whereby we have the focietyof Gods people, their ex- amples to fir us up to zeal, and their joynt help in prayer and holy performances, togo along with us, that we may joyn our forces to- gether, and with a great force wreak with Gad, and overcome, him which is invincible. And therefore my Brethren, I defire you to bear me w inlet's this day, that I plead for publick Ordinances, and for the purity of Gods Ordinances to be adminiared in pub- lick places, rather than other places, fo that I do here profefs, that I do avowedly and openly declare my judgement to be for pub,. lick meetingsin pub!ick places, and the purity of Gods Ordinan- c es, if they may be.enjoyed without humane mixture, which may hurt and pollute them. 3. I grant, that in the time ofholy fervice, we are not then to ule fecular employments at that time in thole places, as eating, drinking, and talking, it being unfuitable to the work in hand ; and howfoever they may be lawful at another time, yet unlawful then, becaufe againft theApoffles command, Let all things be done in decency and in order; and that which is unfuitable to the com- mands of God, the taking his Name in vain, My Brethren, I will go further with you, we are to abflain from all other Religionsfer- vices, when not in fealon ; and therefore when the Minifler is in - preaching,we muff not rim into our places and kneel down,as fome people do, and fall a praying. And I cannot but wonder, that they that do fo much cry up Uniformity and SanEtity ofplaces, that yet they ihould confute their judgement by their pra&ice, that they fhould pray fecretly when the whole Congregation is a praying vocally ; and it may be the Congregation is ringing a Plain), or the Preaching,an.d Oen they go to their Prayers; I pray where- : is the Uniformity, Decency, and Order they fo much nand for ? Lafily, I grant, that after the performances of holy duties, iia places wherein we meet for the worfhip and fervice of God, it is our duty to abftain, not only from filthy and indecent anions of a