Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

8o Mr. 7enk.zn's afternoon Sermon. by Gods Inftitution,8t fo the Temple and Altar did add efficacy and worth to the work ; but for men toConfecrate the Church, it is to make the Appointment of men equal with the Inftitution of God ; our Churches and Meeting-places are not holy ( if they be holy at all ) without relation to the Duties performed., but our Duties are holy without relation to the Church or the Place.None but God can Confecrate a place to be an effeecual means of worship : The Jews worthipped God by the Temple,but we worship God in the Church; as the place doth afford a natural conveniency for our meeting to- gether; the place then bath no influence at all upon our duties,and ifany ofyou fhould think fo, you err exceedingly : It is but only a Phyfical Aec of duty, or a natural Adjun61 of duty, which is but at molt helpful to the bodies conveniency. . 3. The third thing I deny is this, That there is no placefo holy as to exclude another place from being as holy in a way of proper fan- aity and holinefs,which we have been now operaing.God now makes not one place properly more holy than another ; there is not now properly any religious difference of places. We have not now the Precept of God to fan&ifie and feperate one place from another, to prefer one place before another ; we have not now the miraculous Pretenceof God, his appearing as at the bulb. God hath not given is under the Gorpetthote,Symbols of his ftanding Pretence and re- fidency, as by the Ark, and Mercy-feat, and Altar of old he gave unto his People. And as fbr his Ordinances, if they make a place holy in regard of performance ofduty to God there, and his fpiri, tual pretence in that place, thenmy Parlour, Chamber, rr Clofet are holy where I tile to pray, and where God doth afford his affift- ing bleffingcomfoi ring pretence : So that ifyou make the Spiritu- al pretence of God to make a thing holy, in regard of Gods Spi- ritual pretence going along with thofe fervices, then your Flores are holy, and the Field is holy where you walk when you meditate, and praying by the River fide makes it holy ; Humane confecration makes no place truly holy. If the fpiritual prefence ofChrift makes oneplace more holy than another, then the Communion-Table and Font are more holy then another place in the Temple. And In when Gods pretence bathbeen enjoyed at the Font,that is more holy then the Communion-Table ; and tb when the pretence of God hath been enjoyed at the communion-Table, that is more holy then the Font, and fo you mutt bring in judaif,n. If the pretence of God makes a thing !Idly a new Communion-Table upon which the Sacrament was never adminiftred, cannot be fo holy as the old Table. Nay, -by this the mouths of the Communicants are holy, having eaten the