Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

84 Mr. Jenkins's afternoon Sermon. The fecOnd Exhortation is this, Labour to promoteperfonaiboll- nefs, as well as Family devotion : I am againft local holinek As one faid (that I heard once when I was a youth) Happy are thole gar - nients that can carry away any of theduii of the Temple ; but they thinknot that many of their garments are unclean in wallowing in the mire of fin. But I fay, do you labour to promote holinels in your lives, in your hearts and converfations. TheHoly-Ghofil faith, Vnlefsyou be pure in heart, youjball not fee God. And therefore put away fin, for ifyou regard iniquity, God will not hear your pray- ers : It is not your ducking, or bowinc,,or cringing,never fo much, or your going with your hat off through the Church, that will make God hear your prayers ; there will but difhonour you, becauCe you live not accordingly. 3. Love the holinels of the living members, be not fo much in love with the holinefs ofwood and timber, bricks and (tones ; but wherefoever you fee the Imageof Chrift, be in love with that foul; where ever thepretence of God fhines, and where ever thou feeft one that gives up himfelf to God in holy duties, do thou fay, Oh my foul, delight to come into the company of thefe men. The righ- teous are more excellent than his neighbour. Ifthere be a heaven upon earth, I tell you it is in the company ofgodly men. I remember a famous man hash this expreflion, faith he, When I was in the company of the Saintsrand people ofGod, 1 was as a living coal; but when I was feparated from them, and was among the wicked, fwearers and drunkards, me-thoughts there was a fpiritual coldnek and frozennels went over my foul. Though the people of God are belt company in Heaven, yet they are very good company here on earth : And Chriflians fliould ftir up one another, and be provo- king one another to love and good works; and where ever you have grace, beihre to impart it. Endeavour to love the holinels ofSaints, and be willing to impart your experiences to others, for this is your duty. Do not make a Monoply of holinefs, but carry company with you to Heaven. Laftly, To name no more, labour to preferve the holinels of Gods true thole things which are of Divine Confe- cration. What is humane confecration without Divine lnftitution? The Sabbath day is of divine inftitution, labour to keep it holy ; this is a holy-day indeed, and this labour to keep your families from profaning of ; but for other holy-days and holy things, they aremuch a like for holinefs: The Lords day is a holy-day indeed,,ind for fliatne do not let your Children gad abroad on this day. Truly, I do ve- rily believe, that though here be great company of People in the Con-