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To the Reader; chicle that God isupon thegiving-hand,wheri hegives a new heart?And that he bath fòmewhat elfe togive, -when he bath given a love unto, anda longing after his Truth z When Godfeeds its with sandwe have aright tafieof) this Manna in our Wildernefs,wemay ref affitred that Godbath humbled us all this while (and all the while his Wifdom fhallfee fit to humble us yet, trill be) only to prove us, that he may do us good at our latterend, and snake this Nation (at lea, i) like Job, in the end, which he will make. re have heardof the Patience ofJob , andwhat end the Lordmade:Couldwe but hear ofthe K.epentanceofEngland, all the world (Iareperfwaded) fhouldhear and wonder at the end,which the Lord wouldmaize:Even fuck an end as he madefor Job,ifnot a better;he wouldgive us twiceas much in Temporals,double fiches, double Oxen and Sheep, dou- ble Bracelets and Ear-rings, double GoldandSilver, double Sons andDaughters:And he wouldgiveus(which hnot fie- rifled in the Inventoryof Job's repair) feven. fold more in Spirituals,feven. fold more knowledgeof his Truth,purity in hisWot fhip,order inhis boufe; he would make the light ofcur Moon tobe like the light of the Sun, and the light o f our Stn to befeven fold, as the light offevendayes," lathe day wherein he binds upour outward breaches,and heals the firoa/ ofour wound,.2hus, we may look to be refiored (not only as Job) to more in kind, but tobetter in kind, z am fare to better in degree : Wemay look, that, for Brafs we hall have Gold,or our Gold more refined ; that, for Iron wefaall have Silver,or our Silvermore purified ; that,for Wood we faall haveBra fs,or our Brafs better furbifhed;that,for Stones we Jhallhave Iron, or our Iron better tempered ; We may loolti,that,our Officers Jhallbe Peace,andour Exaaors righ- reoufnefs,that violence ballno more be heard'in our Land, walling nor defiruaion withinour borders , but men fäall c: ll our Walls Salvationandour Gates praile. hen