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To the Reader. God never fends f ích troubles upon a Nation, (hedot h fometimes upon a Perfonanddidupon Job) without caufe 5 that is,without refpec ing fin, arsa caufe. Jobmight fiy (in one fenfe) MyUprightnefs and my Integrity have procu- red thefe things untomeBnt we mullfay,our way and our doings have procured thefe things unto us à This is our wickednefs. Yet (though all this evil path been done byus, though all thefe evils are come uponus,yet)there is hope inour Ifrael concerning this thing, yea, I believe, there is mercy in and all thefe evils , to us and all the Ifrael of our God. Only what Integrity we have, let usflill hold it ftedfaflly, what evils are (and what evils almori are not?)amongfl us, let us reform them fpeedily ; Without this,at leafl, without hearty defires, and faithful endeavours after this, we may prefume , but we cannot believe or hopeour Delive- rance. Igrant, that whenfoever God reftòres us, hemuff reftoreus freely, andmufl,bothma(e us good , anddo us good , for his own Name fake, in Jefus Chrifl : For as he hath punithedus lefs then our fins deferve, fowhenfoever, or inwhat degree foever he reflores us, it will he more then any, or all our repentings and refortnings can deferve ;yet he commands,us to repent and reform, that we may be re- fiored. God never delivered any pe-opie for their Repen- tance, and rarely any (if any) without Repentance. Yea I mayfay it plainly, that henever delivered any (inMercy) without Repentance, for either he gave them Repentance before they were delivered, or Repentance (which is far the greater biding of the two ) with the Deliverance. Better have our troubles continue, then ourfins continue. 7o have Peace return, andour hearts unturn'd, were infinitely rvor e then war. And aSRepentance is better then Peace, fo it will be an Argument, that we fhall have Peace : May we not well con- clude,'