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88 !chap. r. An Expofition upon the Loot¿, of J O B. Verf thou .? As many times when you areangry with your ferrants, you ask,wbere haveyou been? there is a reprehenfion in the quefti- on : So God full of wrath toward Satan,faith, whence comeft thou? thou haft been doing all the mifchiefthou can't' abroad in the world lamfure. Laftly, For thebetter conceiving of the matter ofthis queftion propofecj, whence comeif thou ? there, is more to be underftood then is cxpreffed ; for God cloth not only enquire here concerning the placer where he had been, but concerning the bufinefs and the workwhich he had done,all is included in it. Whence eomeft thou? what halt thou been doing in the world ? Whathath thy bufinefs been abroad? every man, every creature,every Angel,good or bad, muff give an account of themfèlves unto God. So much of the Lords queftion. Now let us examine. Satans anfwer. then Saran anfwered the Lord, andfaid, from going to and fro in the earth, andfront rvalleingup and down in it. .If I am enquired (faith Satan) whence I come, F anCwer, I come from walking up and down in the earth, from going to and fro in_it. Here again it may be doubted how Satan fpeaks to the Lord, as before it was about the Lords fpeaking untoSatan. The fpeakingofSatan and all fpirits, is according to the manner before explained of Gods fpeaking. Then Angels fpeak one to another, or unto God, when they direct or intend fuch or fuch things to be known. As a thought, a conception in the mind, is a word in the mind : So the dircdingor putting forth, or an in- tendingto put forth that word or that thought, is the fpeaking of the mind ; then the mind fpeaks. As we know in our felves , a man meditates, he conceives fuchand fach things, he forms them all in his fpirit under forewords into filch notions : And he can put forth thefeby defires,though he clothnot fpeak. And fo we are faid often in Scripture to (peakunto God in our hearts, when themouth doth not fpeak at all, as Mores, Exod.:a4. 15. is fail to cry unto God that was nothing but the direaing, or a.dual in- tending offuch and filch fecret defires,unto God ; that was a cry- Mg untoGod. So it was laid ofHannalo (.a Sam. I. a e.), that ¡he jpake to the Lord in hex heart. After this manner, do Angels and Spirits.fpeak. As we can toGod in our fpirits,by oar hearts, when we intend or lift up filch and fuch thoughts unto God ; Co they fpeak in the fame manner, bymaking. known and revealing - fo