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Chap. t. An Exposition upon the BookofJOB. VerCy. .$9 fo muchof their minds to God, as they delire he fhould take notice of: for ifa man have fuc`í and fuch thoughts, and only re- fern them to himfelf, he is laid to fpéak to himfelf; to fpeak within himfelf : So Angels, though they have fuch and fuch thoughts, they do (peak to themfelves, and not to God, while they keep thole thoughts within themlèlves:however God knows them all before, yet an Angelis laid to (peak no more to God,then he Both intentionally and obedientially (as Come exprefs it) make known and declare to God his delire, that God may take"notice 'ofit. So here Satan anfwereth and faith unto God, or he (peaks to God thefe things, that is, he doth actually intend that God fhould know thus much ofhim, what he hath beenabout, that he was come now, From going to andfro in the earth, fromwalking up anddown in it. Fromgoing to andfro, &c. Itmay be doubted, how Satan can be Paid to go to and fro in the earth, and to walkup and down in it , whereas it is exprefs in the Epif}le of Jude verle 6. that the Angels which :kept not their fins eJ{ate, but left their own habitation, he bath referved in everlafiing chains under darknefs unto the judgement . of the greatday. Now ifSatan, if the Angels that fell, be in chains, and inchains ofeverlajting darknefs, and refervedunto the judgement ofthe great day, how Both Satan here (peak of himfelf as being at liberty, going to and fro in the earth,and walking up anddown in it? 4 I anfwer, That though the Devil goeth up and down, yet he is ever in chains. He is in a double chain, even when he goes an circuits the whole earth abroad,hc is in a chain ofJuffice, and in a chain ofProvidence. He is in a chain ofJuflice, that is, under the wrath ofGod; and he is in a chain ofProvidence, that is,under the eye ofGod; he can further thenGods gives him leave, then God lets out and lengthens his chain. So that f}ill he is referved under chains, even chains ofdarknefs, when he goes abroad he goes like a prifoner with his fetters upon his heels. But it may be here enquired further, ifSatan be thus under the wrath of God,andbe a condemned fpirit,ifhe be in Inch darknefs, how can he intend or attempt, plot or execute thole defigns of temptation for the overthrow of fouls, and difturbance of the Churches of God throughout the world ? Will not fuch torment N and