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Chap. i. An Expofitionupon the Bookof O B. Verf.7. and horror of darkneCs, difable and unfit him for fuch curious me- thodsof doing mifchief? can he have his thoughts upon any thing but upon his own woful condition and miferable eitate ? For this likewife (to clear it) we may conceive, that Satan although he beat the prefent under thewrath ofGod, yet he is not under the £ulnefs ofthe wrath of God ; he is not yet in extremity, he is not yet in that degree of judgement which hereafter he fhall receive. Satan is now as full ofdifcontent as he can be, but he is not fo full of torment as he can be. This we feeexprefly _in Mat. 8. 29. where the Devils fay to Chrift, Art thou come to torment us before our time? as noting that there will be a time wherein they shall have more torment, their fill oftorment ; fuch torment, as what they now endure, compared with it, may pafs for no tor- ment, if not for pleafure. Then they fnall drink the very dreggs of the Cupof Gods wrath, now they do (as it were) but lip or taft it. The Devils, though they are already call down from their glorious (hate, yet they are not call into fuch a woful 'late as hereafter they flail be ; therefore they may walk upand down in the world, and unccffantly fet themfelves about the deftruaionof others. For the words, From going to and fro in the earth, andfrom walking up anddown in it. Satan here fpeaks like a Prince, there- fore fume conceive,that this is the Princeofdevils that is heremen - tioned in this Text ; Beelzebub the chiefofthe devils ; for here he fpeaks ofhimfelfas fome great Prince that had gone about his Countries to yiew his Province', his Kingdomes and Cities ; I cpme faithhe from viLting xny feveral places and -Dominions, I come from going to andfro in the earth, and fromwalking up and down in it. Thefe exprellions are not to be under-flood properly :for proper- ly fpirits, fuch as Satan is,cannot be faid to go or to Walk: AJpirit moveth, that is proper to a fpirit but properly a fpirit doth not walk or go, that is proper only tobodies : But the word which we trEanNlate, from goingrto andfro, is translated by Tome , from `,tYD ccmpafìng the earth, or from compaffing about in the world, and then it is proper ; the Original lignifying to compafs or circuit about by any kind ofmotion, as well as by doing. Further, For the underfianding of Satans going to andfro in the earth. We mutt not conceive that this is all that Satandoth,to walk up and down in the world,togo to and fro;he is-no idle Peri- patetick,