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9 ; Chap. i. An Expofition upon the Book of JOB. Ver% 8 is triumph indeed, he fiugs victoria. Then (if we may fo (peak) there is joy in hell : as there is joy indeed inHeaven at the conver- fionofa fnner ; So there is a kind of joy in hell, when one fins that is converted. if any thing can make the devils merry, it is this, to give a godly man the foil ; they fee he is pall their reach to deltroy him, yet if they can blemish or di(grace him, if they cats but trouble and difquiet him,this is their delight. Hence it is that General Satan with his legions ofdarknefs,thoCe infer- nal,fpirits,encamp about finch perlons with deadly hatred.As when an Army meets with a Iirong Cattle, or City, they ;litdown and there confider what courte to take for the befieging and gaining of it. Haft thou confideredmyfervant Job ? The title which God gives job is very obfervable, Myfervant yob. A Servant (you know) is one, that is not at his own dii- pofe, but at the call and beck of another ; fo the Centurion de- fcribes a Cervant ; For (faith he) Iam a man under authority, and I have fervants, and I fay to this man go, andhe .goeth, and to a- nother come, and he cometh. Servants are at the wordpfanother, they are not(firijeeria)in their own power,therefore iIriftotle call- ethServants,living tools, or living inftruments, breathing inflru- Z.Zyra ,'pravx meets, becauCe they are at the will ofanother, to be ufed and im- ployed at the difcretionof their Mailer: HereGodcalleth job his fervant: And he calleth hint fo, Fírft, byway of diflindion or difference; myfervant, that is, mine, not his own-; many are their own fervants, they ferve themfelves, as the Apofile faith, itom.16. Theyferve not the Lord fofs, bat their own bellies ; they ferve their own lufts,divers lulls and pleafures ; Yob is not fuch an one, he is my fervant. Manyare Sat tens fervants ; as ifGod fhould have Paid to Satan there ; Satan thou hail gone about the world, and thou haft found agreat familyofthine own, thou haft found many fervants in all places, but haft thou confidered my fervant ? There is one, I am lure that oweth thee no fervice,and by his good will,will do thee none , haft thou not found my fervant ? Some are the fervants ofmen ; but Job is my fervant ; not a fervant ofmen, to fubjcó'r himfelf to their lulls, either for,hope or fear. He is not (as the Apofile fpeaks)thefervant ofmen (in that fenfe) topleafe men, with tinning againfl and provoking God. Secondly,