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9$ Chap. y.. sit Expofition upon the Bookof J-O 13. Verf. S. He calleth hie on (beep by name ; this noteth a (pedal care Chrift bath of his (beep,. and a fpecial love that he beareth to them. So- Ifa. 49. r. The Lord bath called me from the womb , from the bowels of my mother bath be made mention ofmy name : It noteth the fpecial care,and the fpecial love that God had of,and bare to Chrift. See it eminently in that place, Exod.33.12. where Moles (peaks thus unto God, Tet thou haft faid, Iknow thee by name: now what it is to know by name, is by way ofExposition added in the end of the verfe,, And thou haft alfó foundgrace in myfight. So that to be knownby name, is in a fpecial manner to find grace in the fight ofGodiwhen it is (-lid here,Myfervant Job, it.fhews that God did take an extraordinary care of, and did in an extraordinary manner Iovejob,aboveall tha t were upon theearth. There is a great deal ofdifference between thefe two exprefli- on.s.,toknow thename ofa man, and to know amanbyname. It is a truth, that God knoweth all your names,and the names ofall the men in the world, but he doth not know all by name.. There- fore the Scripture affures,us , that God bath the names of none written, but the names ofhis own as Mofes faith in the former Chapter, If thou wilt notforgive thefin r f thie people,blotme,Ipray thee,out of thyBookwhich thou haft written. Thou by name, my name is-written in thy Book.: So Lukro. Chrift bad. his Difciples.that they.ihould not rejoycefo much that they.had the fpirits flbjeel unto them, but. in, this they fhould rej-yce, that their names were .written in Heaven._ Note from hence,, That Godcloth täke,carenfbit eft 51 children andfervants in afpe- rial manner., above all other men in the world. The names of Princes, or Emperors, or Potentates, ifthey,belong not toGod, are not vouchfafed a place in his Book ; but the namesof themneanefl . ofhis Saints, are recorded for ever, and (hall be had in.everlaft- imag remembrance. Haft thou net confderedmyfervant Job, that there.. is none like him in the. Earth ? &c. We read before at the end ofVerf. 3. that Job in reference to his riches was thegreateft ofall the men ofthe Eaft : Now he go- eth beyond that, in reference tohis holinefs, he is thegreat eft upon the.Enrth.,theteis. none like him, in the Eat th. This