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Chap, t. An Expofition upon the Bonkof J OB. Verl: 8. toiv words applied to Ahab inwickednefs, t King. 21 . 25. But there Was none lake to Ahab., which didJell himfelf to work wickednefs in the fight of the Lord. None likeunto him, not I fay (as in the for- mer)that there were no wicked men that had the lame linful qua - lities,for all have the fame finful qualities,but therewas none like him,in equality ofwickednefs Ahab was a nonefoech, he wasa Giant in wickednefs, none were grown to filch a ftature of wick- ednefs as Ahab.It the fame manner we muff underhand this con- cerning ,fob,'rione did reach to him inthe equality ofhis graces, in- the ftature of the inward man, Job hadout-grown 41 the world in grace at that time. -' Yet a little furthe.r,for theunderfiandingof this:we find fome- times when the Scrippture faith of a man, that there is none like to him, the fpeech is to bereltrained tafome one particular. And it May be a guoJtionwhether we are to underhand this of fob'spre hetninence in the general, or in regard of force- one particular grace,? We read ofSolomon, that there was none like him, Neb. 1-3. 26. Among many Nations was thee; no King like h'im, Who was belovedof his God. There was no King like to Solomon; but he reftrai-ned it to thisi who was belovedof his God, no ;e to whom God did fo much communicate himfelf as to Solomon, none like to Solomon inwifdotne and knowledge, in thofe revelations and intimate communions that God had with him ; he. wasas it were, Gods.d.zrling, as-his other Name Iedediah importeth. Then it is faid ofHezekiab (fee another inftance) 2'King, 18. 5. That he trufted in the LordGod of Ifrael,fo that after him was none like him among all the Kings of .Judah. Now this we mull underhand offorce one particular efpecially , that' is, of bis trufting in the Lard ; _in regard of his trufting íò firmly in God, he went beyond all the Kings tbatcameafter him,, there was none did fo perfec}ly twainGod : for it is faid, he brake in pieces the brazen Serpent tbat Mofes had trade, and ftaniped it to powder, trufling in the Lord. Though force of his counfellors might tell him, Ifyou do thole things,you may bring a world of trouble upon your felf and the Kingdome ; ifyou change thefe ancient cuftoms , you 2 King, 18'4' will. make your people. mutiny; this ferpent was of God, it was made in the wildernefs, &c. Yet faith-he, I` fee it is abufed to Idólatry, I care not for all that you fay, I will traaft in the Lord however it go. Here was -an high, an unparrallel'd aCt of confi- dence. Yet afterward it was faid concerning. jofiah,a King.23.25 0.3 That