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Chap. i. -.41t'Expofitión upon the Bookof J O B. Verf. 8. i 63 God, and efcbeweth evil ? Godaddeth this by way of Expofitibn, what he meaneth by a than to whom there was none like,who had nomatch upon the Earth. In thofe words the whole fumofgod - linefs is comprised ; whatfoever goes, or may be conceived to go toward the making up ofa godly 'mini fills under one ofthofe four members. And God faith there is none like him, take him in any or in all thefe. I fnall only give you two or three brief obfervations from hence. There io none like unto him in the Earth.Learn, That God hathfervants of all jtatures and degrees. All his fervants come not to the like pitch, to the like height, here is one that is beyond them all, MyjervantJob, not a man like him upon the Earth. Secondly, Note this, We ought not to fit up our Ref in for degrees of grace, or content our'elves to be like others in grace e fhould labour (if it be poflible) to go beyond all others in Grace. It did not fatisfic job that he had gotten to fuch a degree, to inch a frame and temper ofheart, to fuch a courfe ofholíneís, as his Neighboursor Brethren that were good had attained unto, but he laboured togo beyond thefn all 5 Not fuck a man uphn ,the Earth as Job. It is an holyamhitiòn to labour to exceed all others in grace and goodnefs. We havea grearmanyin theworld that delire to be forich, as none fhould be like them ; to be fo gay itìtheir apparel, as none thould be like them; fo'beautiful,as none fhould be like them; but wheieare they that delre and indeavour tohave Inch a"portion or flóckofgrace, that none fhould be like them ? ro be above others in holinefs, as Jobwas? True grace never lefts in any degrees or meafures ofgrace, but labours to in- creafe he that hath any grace, would have more : do not think . it enough when youare likeothers; youought to labour tobe be- yondothers. . Then fee the CharaEíer that God giveth9fJob, 4 perfeE and upright man, one thatfèareth Godand efcheweth evil. , Thefe have been alreadyopened in the fir Verfe,and thefe are but a report of the Hiflory beforegoing, therefore I thall not need to flay_upon this place; only take thefe two Obfervations from it. The firfl is this, Godbath aperfeíi charailer ofevery foul. He knoweth fully and clearly what the tempers of your hearts and fpirits are ; juft as thehiflory and relation of Jo-b was, fuck is Gods Teflimony.of him to a tittle.. Secondly,