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t04 Verf. 9. An Expofttion upon the Fookof j 0 B. Chap. L. Secondly this, God.r illgive to every man a Teffimony according to his utmoft worth God will not conceal any of your .graces, or obfcure your goodnefs, he will make it known to the world to the full, what you are. When God cotneth to give Teflimony, he giveth it fo, as his Saints cannever lofe by it. Oftentimes man gives a Tellimony thort ofhis Brothers goodnefs, and draweth a curtain before another mansworth;but God will draw the curtain quite back, and unvail every Soul to the whole.World. You Ihall fee and heara Tellimony from God before men and . Angels con cerning your felves to the uttermoft,what you are in all godly and gracious perfections. Job was an excellent man, a man commended indeed, who was commended of God : As the Apoftle concludes it, not he that commendeth himfelf is approved , but be whom God commend- eth. It is good for us to have our Letters teffimonial from God, to have our Letters Commendatory from Heaven. It is not whafe, a man faith inhis own heart, what he flattereth hímfelf; it is not what your Neighbours or others flatter you, and fay ofyou, but what God faithof you, what Teftimouy he giveth of you. He is riot approved that commendeth himfelf, or that other men commend only, but he whom the Lord commendeth. And if Godfpeak,well ofus, no matter thoughall the worldbefilent, or flan - der. JOB E. 9, 10, II. Then Satan anfwered the Lord andfaicl;doth Job fear Gard for naught? Hala not thou made an hedge about him, and about his houfe,and"about all that he bath on every fide ? Thou haß bletfd théworkof his .hands, and his fubfance is encreafed in the Land. Fut put forth thine hand now and touchall that he bath, andhe will curfe thee to thy face. IN the former Verge fob recieveth Teftimony fiotn God him- felf; in this, though Satan cannot deny it, yet he calumniates, and mifinterprets what he cannot contradi °. Satan grants in- deed