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Chap. r. An Expofition upon the Bookof JOB. Verf. 9, r o7 plies in there words, and this as an extream lye ; for as there is no afliií`fion, fo there is no outward blefling can change the heart, or . bring it about unto God ; 'limy did not ferve the Lord in the a. _ 17 ndance ofall things, Deut.28. 47. Abundancedoth not draw the heart unto God : Yet Satan would infer that it doth. This might well be retorted upon Satan himfeïf; Satan, why didit not thou ferve God then ? Thou didit once receive more outward bid-Hugs frond God then ever job did,the blefl'edn ofan Angel ; yet that glorious Angelicaleflate, wherein thou waft created, could not keep thee in the compafs ofobedience, thou didft rebel in the a- bundance ofall bleffings,and didfl leave thy habitation;Satan,thou fhouldti not have ferved God for nought:Why then didit not thou ferve him ? thine own Apoftacy refutes thy error in making fo little ofjobs obedience, becaufe he hath received fomuch. Secondly, there is this in it ; Dish- Job feat Godfor nought? Satan intimates that God could have no fervants for love, none unlefs he did pay them extreamly; that God is fuch a Matter, and his work fuch as none would meddle with, unlefs allured by benefits ; as if Satan fhould fay, you have indeed one eminent fer- vaut, but you fhouldnot have had him, unlefs you had been at double coil with him.Here is another lye Satanwindeth up clofèly in this fpeech:For the truth is, Gods fervants follow him for him- felf; the very excellencies of God,and fweetnefs ofhis waÿs, are the argument and thewages by which his people are chiefly mo- ved and hired tohis fervice. God indeed makes many promifes to thofe that ferve him,but he never makes any bargains with them: His obey him freely.Satan makes bargaines tohire men to his fer- vice,as he did with Chrift,' Mat. 4. g. All thefe things will Igive thee, if thou wilt fall down and worfhip me. God makes many large and gracious promifes, but he never makes any fuch bargain and agreement withmen for their obedience. Then there is a third fence full offalfhood,which Satan cafteth upon job; Doth Jobfear God for nought ? that is, job bath a byafs in all that he doth,he is carried by the gainof godlinefs,not byany delight in godlinefs, thus to ferve God. job is mercenary, he ferveth God for hire ; job hath not any;deliire to pleafe God, but to benefit himfelf; jobdoth not feek the gloryof God, but he leeks his own advantage. This is the fence which the words have in reference to theperfonofjob ; that as once Satan accus'd Godunto man, fonow he accufeth this man untoGod : he accus'd Pa