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i.od Chap. r. AnExpofition upon the BòokofJ OB. Verf.9. plainshis meaning in the next words, Tell me, whatfhall thy wages be ? So that to do a thing for nought, is to do a thing without wages, without price. And fo there is the fame interpretationof the word, Exod. 2I. i t. where Mofes fpeaking of the Maid that was taken into the family, and was not married, faith, IfI do not thef e three unto her, then fhe fhall go out free without Money, the thall pay nothing, the fnall go out gratis, or fornought. So here, we may take in this fence to fill up the former,doth yob ferve God gratis? doth he ferve God without price,or without pay ? Surely no, thou haft given him fufficient hire, wages fufficient for all his fervice ; Job dothnotferve theegratis, out ofgood-will and af- feífion to thee, but he ferveth thee for hire, becaufe thou payed him fo plentifully. So the general fence ofthe words,Dotb Jobfear Godfor nought? is, as ifSatan had befpoken the Lord in fuch words as there: Lord, thou dofl>nquire ofme whether I had confidered thy fervau job ? I conféfs I have, and I mull needs acknowledge that he a man very diligent andzealous in thy worfhip and fervice ; nei- ther do I wonder that he is fo, feeingl, thou haft out-bid all his la- hours and endeavours by heaps of benefits. There is no queftion but thou, mayeft have Jèrvants enough upon fuch. terms, at fuch rates as thefe : no marvel if Jobbe willing to do whatfoever thou commandeft, whenas thou beftoweft upon Job whatfoever he de- f reth. Thou feemeft, as it were, to negleel all other men, and only to intend the fafety and profperity of thy darling Job. Is it any great matter, thathe who bath ¡received a flock of feven .thou- fandSheep from thee,fhouldoffer a few, feven or ten, to thee in fa- crifice ? Is it any great matter, that he fhould givefome ofhis flee- ces to cloath the poor, who bath received from thee fo many thou- fands to cloath and inrich himfelf ? Is it a _Orange thing that he fhouldfeed a few that loath five hundredyoke of Oxen ? Isnot Job nell hired to workfor thee ? doth hefear Godfor naught who loath re- ceivedall thefe ? Yet a littlemore diftintly, for the opening ofthis expreflion, h 'hall give youSatansfence in three notable falfities,or lyes,which he twifts up together in this one fpeech, Voth Jo11fear God for nought ? Firfl, That riches will make any man ferve God, thatit is no great matter tobe holy when we have abundance ; a man that profpers in the world cannot choofe but be good. This Satan imi- plies-.