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Chap.!. Ait Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. Vert: r o. 113 protection, and a guard to them, he had defended them all the while his Army wasquartered in tho{ parts. God makes a good man to be as a wall to a wicked man. How much more will he make men and Angels to be walls and hedges for the lecurity of his own people ? The Text further goes on,and fhews the compafs of.this hedge, what ground it takes in, how fa t,it reacheth : and here we ¡hall find that it was a very large hedge, of a great extent. We know there are fame. Cities that have not only a tingle wall,but a double wall, yea, fome firong Cities and places have a treble wall about them : So we find a three-fold hedge made about job, and they are all expreft here in thisText. Here wasa hedge, firft about his Perfon,and that was the inmoui hedge, or the inmoft wall, in there words, kIaj thou not made an hedgeabout him ? That is, an hedge about the very perfon oflob, an hedge about his body, leaft any ficknefs, dileafes or dangers should invade it,and an hedge about his foul,Ieft frares and teump- tations should take hold of, or prevail againft that; thou haft made an hedge about him, fo that I cannot come at the perfon of Job to hurt him. Again, Befides this inmoft wall, and the neareft about his p. r- fon, there is a fecond wall or hedge,and that is expreft tobeabout his Family. Half thou not made an hedge about him, and about his houfe ? By houle we are not to underfiand the material houfe ofnone or timber, the edifice in whichjob dwelt, but by the houfe we are to underfland the houfhold,'ob and his family, as often- times in Scripture, the houle is put for the family. Milt day (faith Chrif} to Zacbewr) is falvation come to thy houfe ; and it is laid of the Jaylor, that he believed and all his houfè, that is,all his houle- Alts hold ; fo here, thou haft made an hedge about him, and about his houfe,that is,about his family,about his childrenelpeciàlly t hence the Hebrew word for a Child, for a Son, doth lignifie an Hou{, becaufe children build up the houle, or keep up thename of their Fathers.So that the houfe hedged about,is the children, the family and the followers and fervants ofJob; as if Satan íhould fay,thou haft made an hedge not only about his perfon, but about all that belong unto him, about his children and fervants, I may not med- dle with them neither. There is the fecund hedge. Lafily, There is a third hedge o'r wall, Haft than not made an hedge about him, and about his hoof, and about all that he bath ? 0 That 6.